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Run, fall, get up, dust off, run again

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Hey there,


so after I neglected the last challenge after two weeks I will get back up again with this one.


I found during my first challenge that intermittent fasting is something that I benefit from, so I will include it for this challenge again. However, I will not be as strict with it as last time, I'm perfectly fine with fasting at least 3 times per week for 16 hours, more than that will be bonus. This gives me a bit of space to adjust to my currently constantly changing schedule.


A long time ago I read an article somewhere about finding your biological prime time and have been willing to find mine ever since. So far I have only made pretty vague assumptions like "I'm a night owl", "I'm not a morning person" and that somewhere around 4 to 5 pm my brain just shuts down for a while. Somehow I always thought that I would be way too much work to put my mood, energy and focus levels as numbers into some excel sheet hourly, but that is exactly what I'm going to do for this challenge. I set up a google sheet yesterday (for the convenience of using my phone) and started entering numbers this morning.


Last but not least: exercise at least 3 times per week. It doesn't matter which kind, whether I attend swim training, do bodyweigth exercises, join the parkour group or head to the gym. I just have to get moving.

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15 hours ago, Akari said:

I never thought about finding my biological prime time. My I ask for what you want to use that knowledge? 

I imagine that planning my day around that rhythm might make it easier to get work done and feel less guilty about time spent otherwise (I'm a student so aside from lectures and the minijob I basically set up my own schedule). Like using these prime times for studying and the downtimes to take a break, have a cup of coffee, meditate, nap or whatever. So far I mostly adjusted with people around me when it comes to study times and especially with my flatmate I noticed huge differences concerning concentration levels. For example, while she can get up early and start to work right away, I usually spend my mornings doing laundry or watering plants because my brain needs some more time to boot up. On the other hand, she gets tired and loses concentration in the late evening, while I'm still fresh and can usually continue to work well past midnight. I just thought it would be nice to visualise these vague assumptions that I've made so far and be prepared for them instead of getting frustrated because I can't get the work done that I wanted to finish. Also I'm a nerd and enjoy to collect and evaluate data :D

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A little bit about myself

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That sounds like a really cool research project!

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