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Hello! I'm a newb looking to connect with someone who's willing to be in contact over social media, for motivation (both ways), ideas and general chats. 
I'm a 22 year old trans man, so someone within the LGBTQ+ community (or an ally) would be great, but not a necessity as long as you've got an open mind. 
A few things you might want to know:
I'm starting a 8-4 job in mid august, so I'm limited to after 4:30pm for working out, and I'm in Iceland (Greenwich mean time all year round, no daylight saving time, same hours through the year).
I am a single father of a 3 year old, so that also limits me a little.
I've got minimal experience in working out, but I've been to the gym for a few weeks every now and then, lol.
I've got a bulging disc in my upper back/neck (more specifically, the disc between c5 and c6) which bugs me a couple days a month. I also aim to strengthen my back to get that problem fixed.
I don't necessarily want to lose weight, but more to lose fat and gain muscle.

Comment your instagrams and/or snapchats below if you want to get in touch! :)

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