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Quick apartment-based morning workout just to wake up?

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Hey everybody,


I'm looking for advice about what kind of workout I can do in my apartment when I first wake up, just for the purpose of shaking off the cobwebs and hopefully having energy. So that means:

  • something short and probably not very difficult
  • something I can do in my small apartment, meaning no special equipment required and not a lot of space required
  • something that doesn't NEED to do anything else. Losing fat and gaining muscle are always nice bonuses, but those can wait until a "real" workout.


This has come up for me in part because I started working from home, which is MOSTLY a good thing, but it turns out my frantic commute helped shake me awake in a way that rolling out of bed and stumbling over to my desk unsurprisingly doesn't. I've also been in a phase where I haven't made it to the gym much for various personal reasons, so I'm not getting the benefits of working out regularly-- a temporary situation, but one that's bound to happen again from time to time.


I know the answer might just be "pretty much anything!", but frankly, I don't trust my own knowledge/judgment regarding fitness and don't have a great sense of, say, what's likely to make me feel energized versus worn out, or what's most likely to give me sustained energy throughout the day. I appreciate any advice anyone has!

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pretty much anything :) 


(sorry, couldn't help myself)


But to be more specific - just do some warmup and you should be good to go. Here's some ideas. When this won't be enough, you just throw more bodyweight exercises - squats, pushups, you name it. But simple warmup should be just what you want.


Cheers :) 

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Kettlebell, squats, lunges in place, box jumps, free weights, jumping jacks, push ups, run in place. 

I just got a little orbital rower that folds up in the corner. Paid $130.  I row watching the news before work in the am. It is my new favorite thing. Really gets the blood going. :)

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