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geng shi

Tiny, but significant victory

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Holiday weekends (like July 4th) mean trips to the lake in my family. This also means eating really poorly for four days - fast food while driving, pizza, hot dogs, big breakfasts, constant desserts. Since I'm just getting started on my weight loss quest, I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted this past weekend as long as I kept to my three goals:

1. Move at least a mile a day

2. Drink 64 oz of water a day

3. Nothing to eat after 8 PM

So I did. I ate like I always do (and enjoyed every bit of it), but kept to the rules. 

This morning, I stepped on the scale, ready to pay the piper for a weekend of indulgence, only to find I lost .2 lbs over the weekend! It's not much, but compared to the 2-3 lb gain I often experience , it's enormous. More than the weight loss, it's great encouragement to see that these little changes can actually produce meaningful impact. 


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Wow that awesome. Great job, and a good reminder  that we  don't have to make big changes to make a difference.

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