Welcome good friends, to my own spin on a much-enjoyed PvP of old. That's right. It's the Darebee's Daily Dare PvP... Lord of the Rings Edition!    The challenge itself is simple. Everyday, Darebee post a Daily Dare. There are usually two levels of difficulty – normal and Extra Credit, which usually means getting the exercise done in one set. For the purposes of this challenge, completing the dare earns 1 point. Completing the Extra Credit earns 1 more point, for a maximum of 2 points. Sometimes, there is such a thing as Extra Extra Credit. That’s cool, if you get this, let us know and we can all cheer your success. Sometimes, the Dare might be beyond your ability, and that’s cool too. Modify if you need to. We won’t judge, we’ll be proud. Neither Extra Extra Credit or modified Dares earn any points, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bother trying. Not that you wouldn’t not try anyway, right. I mean, we’re Rebels, after all. This is a personal challenge, the PvP is just for fun. Post how you modified a Dare and be proud of it. Seriously. Sign up and keep track of the Dares in this Spreadsheet (I hope it’s okay to emulate the work of my noble predecessors and reuse their spreadsheet format)   Anyway, at the end of the challenge, the person with the most points is traditionally called the Daredevil. However, as I’m mixing things up and throwing in some good old Lord of the Rings theming into this, this time the leader is crowned Blessed by Aragorn Himself. Now, is that not an incentive?    Also, I’m throwing in a title for the person who has to modify the most workouts. They shall be known as The Wizard’s Apprentice. This is no bad thing, to be under Gandalf’s wise tutelage!  In addition, there is usually a Titanium through to Bronze tier system for points. 60 points, meaning that for each day of this 30 day challenge you complete both the dare and the extra credit, was Titanium. But we know of a metal much more precious, don’t we?
For this challenge, the tiers are:   Mithril – 60 points (30 days + 30 EC)
Not all that glitters is Gold – 45 points
Silver like the Silverlode – 30 points
Forged in of the Iron Hills – 15 points
Custom - A custom goal of your choice, but your specific target must be stated in the spreadsheet.      Enjoy and Good Luck. This challenge will run for 30 days, so not quite in keeping with the challenges. Apologies for this. It runs from Thursday 11th July to Friday 9th August. 
    EDIT: The challenge will now run for 35 DAYS, meaning that it ends on Wednesday 14th August.