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Brother Harper

Climbing out of the Hole

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Hi Everyone, I'm Harper, and I have finally made a decision to ask for help in turning around my deteriorating health. 

I'm an American living in Japan, and you think that the food here would help me keep a healthy lifestyle, but the reality is really different. I tend to gravitate towards to delicious curries with plenty of helpings of rice, and lots and lots of fried food. 

I feel like I really need help with this journey. I keep drifting in and out of depression, and I cannot keep going the way that I am. Something that I recently noticed is that I have become incredibly sensitive to the changes in air pressure, and that happens a lot during the rainy season now. It's absolutely debilitating and I think that my deteriorating health is to blame.


I look forward to sharing more with you all. I know that we are in this together, so I'm going to put one foot in front of the other and try to hardest thing that any of us do: start.



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Welcome, Harper! Sorry to hear about the depression. It's something I have to deal with, as well. So, do you have some ideas about the health outcomes you'd like to achieve or the habits you'd like to build? 

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