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NextChapter - Respawn Again

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I visited my profile last week and discovered that I joined Nerd Fitness six years ago.  Six years!  And the today-me wishes I could go back to the six-years-ago-me and say, "Start today.  Do one thing today, and every day, for your health and fitness - imagine where you will be in six years!"  I've had stops and starts, six-week challenges, good intentions and bad choices, and today-me is no better than I was six years ago.    The thought of six years passing with no progress hit HARD; so I'm committing to the six-years-from -now-me and I've started doing one thing each day for health and fitness.  I was inspired by another rebel who said he stuck two three rules in challenging times: move a mile a day, drink 64 ounces of water a day, and don't eat after 8 (for me, 7 pm).  Additionally, I'm tracking intake and blood sugars, but the three rules is my daily minimum.

This is my respawn, dedicated to tomorrow-me.

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