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Assault on 99 Part IV: The Journey Home

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The laat challenge, I must admit fellow Warriors, was a bit of a self contained challenge which was, for me at least, a lot shorter than usual for a very good reason. Long story short, last month i got married. And it has been amazing




But it has been very hectic and busy with not a lot of time for working out beforehand, with me doing just enough to fit into my suit. And afterwards we were on honeymoon and there was not a single thought of diet or exercise, a stance I will stand by (or at least lean on, gasping) forever. 


But it's over now and I am getting back down to business. I haven't weighed myself post-honeymoon but i do not imagine the scales are my friends right now. So with that, 2 sinple goals this challenge. 


1) Gym, 3 times a week 

2) Eat healthy, eat sensible. 

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Solid goals, but the second one I find is often harder than it looks


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9 minutes ago, WhiteGhost said:

Solid goals, but the second one I find is often harder than it looks


It definitely is. It's a bit vague (was rushing when i posted it) but i know what i need to do. My day to day diet is mostly ok (when not at a resort with an all inclusive bar and buffet restaurant) , but i need to make sure i have healthy snacks prepared. If I have something to munch on between meals I'm ok, otherwise it's too tempting to hit the vending machine. 

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