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Sara Kingdom Kicks Off the End of the World as We Know It

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16 hours ago, Mistr said:

I hear you on the challenge of cooking all the vegetables.


I will improve. I think it's just taking me time to figure out how to deal with the harvest-store-cook cycle. Plus figuring out ways to use the sheer quantity of things I wasn't expecting a ton of quantity of. Like, I only really roast beets. And it's great to have fresh basil and mint and lemon balm, but having a little means you have A LOT, and need to learn to use it frivolously rather than sparingly.


(I put mint in my morning hydration water just because I could. Living like the aristocracy here.)

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Sooooo I'm getting an ice cream maker. Because I'm an adult, and would like ice cream for breakfast. But I'm also an adult, and would like it to fit my macros.


I really should have made this decision at the beginning of the summer.

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