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Deckard wills away the knives of summertime

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Week 2 Thursday

I finished off my chicken wings and drank some whiskey, and not much else. I think I like mowed the grass or put away dishes or did like 1 productive thing and called it a day. I didn't track my calories, and I haven't tracked them since.


Week 2 Friday

I spent way too long in my hot garage cleaning and putting up pegboard. There were some old disconnected wires and old garage door controls and stuff that I tore off and cleaned up before getting started. I also had to saw some bits off to fit around light fixtures and stuff, so this was a bit more challenging than I anticipated. I got a 4' block from floor to ceiling (a shade under 8' tall) and started sorting the garden tools and stuff a bit. I have a bunch more 2x4' panels and not everything's fitting as nicely as I'd like, so I'm thinking I will put up another 4' block right next to it, but that should be easier since I've already cleaned up the area and there isn't anything I have to cut around. Side note, I found an old drug spoon buried in between the floor trim and the wall, so that's fun! For dinner I had some leftover pulled pork. I didn't track, but salad lunch + 4 hours of hard labor + small dinner = probably a good deficit.


Week 2 Saturday

I went to a local Irish culture festival, ate some corned beef and potatoes and had some Irish whiskey and beer. The damage wasn't too bad.... until later that night I ordered pizza and had a few more beers. Whoops! At the very least, I cracked 10k steps walking around the festival. It's not much but it's something.


Week 2 Sunday

Lazy Sunday is a good Sunday. I had some leftover pizza for breakfast, lounged around, snacked on some peanuts, watched some tv, played some video games... It was amazing.


In conclusion, I ended up only getting 1 workout in last week, but I put in a lot of collateral effort just doing work around the house, so I don't feel all bad about it. Eating and drinking too much is still an issue, but it always has been, so I don't expect it to just magically go away without some serious focus and effort, and again, not sure if I can dedicate the resources necessary for that at this time. Tracking is also an issue; I'm still bad at it.


Week 3 Monday

I had my normal lunch salad, and a few small pieces of buffalo chicken flatbread as a pre-workout. I went 3x8 @ 205 (82% 1rm) on bench press before losing reps on subsequent sets. I don't yet have a clear idea of all of the rep ranges I should be pursuing at different intensities, but I am pretty sure this is the first time I have ever completed 3x8 > 80%. The idea of doing that sort of scheme on anything lower body makes me nauseous. I worked out at home where I can get better leg drive than the benches at my gym; I'm certain that was a factor. Anyway, after that I pretty much chilled all night. I made a little bachelor taco salad with some leftover taco-seasoned beef, lettuce from the garden, cheese and sour cream. I also made a margarita. Oh and I once bought a Tina's burrito as a joke, that's been sitting around in the freezer and I ate that too. 2,500 calories, ish. For a workout day, that's alright. I am going to work out again tonight; I'm leaning towards going back towards 4 days a week whenever I can, and this week it looks like I can. 

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Stay awhile... we're liftin'

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On 8/12/2019 at 9:57 AM, Deckard Gainz said:


In other news, I'm more or less accepting the reality that I haven't been working hard enough to see the progress I want, and that I may not be able to fully focus on that for a while, or maybe ever. At the very least though, winter seems to be a better time to focus on health and fitness, when all the social events calm down. Until then, I'm letting the days go by.

This is a super important realization that I am glad you are able to recognize, adjust, and take with grace. Not beating yourself up over not completing the impossible is a good step :) 

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It's been a while since I posted last. I've just been trying to maintain mostly. I did 1 split last week that featured deadlifts and OHP. Two workouts in a week is better than 1 or 0, and I actually had a really good OHP session where I cleared 5x6 @ 135. I don't think I ever even completed 5x5 at that weight before, much less am I often masochistic enough to do more than 5 sets. I've been getting weird PRs like that on occasion, not necessarily because I'm getting any stronger, but just because I'm trying different set and rep schemes that lead to specific results I haven't seen before. And sometimes I feel really good and strong and sometimes I don't, so I'm just pushing it whenever I can.


As usual, I'm still eating and drinking a bit too much, still just hanging around the same weight I always do. I'm continuing to keep myself busy with yardio; at the moment I'm doing some major reorganizing efforts in my garage and basement.


My plan for the rest of the week is to get a few more workout sessions in and hopefully regroup on all the dietary stuff a little better next time around.



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Stay awhile... we're liftin'

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