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Telling my SelfStory/ Who R U version 2.0


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I realized I tend to think in story snippets when I'm out and about, especially walking or running.  And my last challenge involved invoking traits from a specific character.  I also tend to aim for unrealistic and dramatic versions of myself when I'm tasked with picking my character, as when setting up a profile on a non-specific forum, which I can't maintain without feeling ridiculous.  I tossed all these ideas in my mental blender and came up with this challenge's plan.  


Who am I in my SelfStory?  Really?  I am not a mysterious assassin.  I am not a black-hearted witch.  I am not a femme fatale.  But I can still be a capable and strong individual with a strong sense of self, once I truly look at Self.  I can be an enhanced Self.   Therefore I will see who Self really is and what Self wants to do.  


The final end result of all this Selfyness will be a new name for me that I can live with comfortably and not feel ludicrous if someone were to call me that in person.  I am not "Wild" anything, and that's not a bad thing.  


So on to the meat of the matter.


Focus on:

Body balance-  Stretching to maintain wellness.

- I must stretch upper body after work/end of the day if I want to last another 10 years or so.  

-Lower body stretch daily so I can recover from LBD walks and add strength back in.  Beasty likes to chase chipmunks and my hams hurt. 

-investigate foot arch strengthening to support knee during said walks.  Arch supporters help but I'd rather do all I can without reliance on them fully.


nutrition- generally pretty good

-find ways to make easy tasty food

-continue to reduce meat protein and increase veg protein

-reevaluate water consumption.  I think I've been low


Introspection/what is (un)important to me?-

So far I know that I must be productive every day, nothing major, but I need to feel personal accomplishment so I have a purpose.

I don't care about image or what other people think, but I do care about self-satisfaction.  

I need to view myself as capable and strong.  Strength can be asking for help-which is getting easier with practice.

I am practical and realistic, logical and sensible, reliable and goofy where proper.



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I did a thing!  And I think I can do it again!  I'm not a good golfer, but I do play with enthusiasm none the less.  I made it across the pond that has been my nemesis.  And I crushed it!  


I'm perfectly content to do many things with a minor degree of skill and much enthusiasm rather than one or two things really well.  I find it way more fun to participate than perfect.

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Ugh......   Started a bit of a downward spiral this weekend regarding my value as a person.  I'm surrounded by a lot of powerhouse achievers filled with passion and/or drive.  That is not me.  I gladly work hard, but a s support person, professionally and personally.  I have asked MrW for help reminding me that money and publicly visible drive are not the same as a satisfying and happy life.  I prefer my quiet downtime, clean house, homemade foods, social time, and personal and private drive.  Right.  Ok.  This will pass. 

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On 7/31/2019 at 4:27 PM, WildSonja said:

Body balance-  Stretching is so helpful.  Been diligent with it and my aches are settling down



-find ways to make easy tasty food- herbs are friends and food.  Slow cooked/ pressure cooked pork wins for easy and lots at once

- I will need to find a new recipe to add to the half animal- half vegetable protein.  Check the forum, I know there's recipes here to work with

-reevaluate water consumption.  I think know I've been low.  Happier eyes and clearer brain


Introspection/what is (un)important to me?-  Clearly this will always be a thing.  Dang powerhouse achievers.  But no worries, I know how to ask for help and that the mere act of asking for help usually starts the healing process.  My sun is brightening again and I think I'm can make it shine in a day or two.





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Guys! Guys! Guys!  My legs don't hurt anymore!  I was even able to run with pooch, even if we didn't catch the squirrel.  Stretching and foam rolling for the win, because I'm definitely not doing less


I have a tough time drinking water at home.  Unattended glasses become cat watering stations, so I tend to only go get a glass when I need it.  Will find a plan.


And finally the slump has passed.  I've been doing a lot of thinking and finally recognize my role in the world.  It's not the one most advertised in media, so I rather forget that my role is also valuable.  As long as I can remember it when needed, all will be fine.


And as an example of my seeing stories around me, here is the creepy bunny that watches over our camp.



And our last dog anxiously waiting for me to follow for an adventure243416866_trailtoadventure.thumb.JPG.f8471731c74b63ac745e4e21d2d6e7f2.JPG

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I was able to do the thing that needed to be done!  As far as I am concerned, that's the whole point of all of this.  I was able to sprint about 1/2 a mile flat out because pooch had run headlong into a wasp nest.  We booked it to the car to get to the vet ASAP.  She is recovering fine now.  Glad as was able to do it.

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All in all a good month.  I didn't obsess with the fitness and nutrition goals, but rather tried to make them more into habits, especially stretching at night.  


More importantly I spent chunk of time considering me.  Not the most exciting thing for readers of a challenge, but it's been good for me.  Poor Mr Wild had to be my sounding board, but he did a wonderful job.  And participating in the Jumanji challenge combined helpfully to suggest my next plan focus; be kind to me.

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