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On 9/7/2019 at 5:47 PM, Elastigirl said:

Praying for you and your country




On 9/7/2019 at 6:16 PM, Xena said:

I'm so sorry to hear about the situation in SA.


18 hours ago, LovelyBouncer said:

Been sending prayers, definitely a world view awakener.

Remember to be easy on yourself!

Thank you, everyone. Things seem to have calmed down a bit, as there hasn't been any new news. The Nigerian government are trying to calm down their citizens, as the xenophobia here has triggered revenge attacks there. The SA embassy in Nigeria apparently had a fire. The fake news was that it was a bomb, it wasn't a bomb, but something did happen. There were a lot of panic and it definitely had to do with the xen.attacks here in SA. As far as I know, our actual government and ministers haven't said president condemned the attacks in South Africa in a tv broadcast, but nothing more was said. Even the Zulu king here in SA have commented (not that he has much say over the Sotho's, Xhosas, Tswanas, Vendas, etc. people in the north of South Africa). The Nigerian government has withdrawn and are trying to calm their people too. But alas...



The boys played for two hours Saturday afternoon at Dylan's house. I had a headache (stress) so I used that time to try and relax. I walked up to their house around 5pm to fetch the boys, and arrived at the same time that Telani (the mom) came home. She invited me to stay for a bit; she showed me the changes she plan to make on the house, and we had a nice, calm enjoyable time chatting. She eventually took us home around 6h30pm as it was getting dark and it would have been risky walking home (even though it was only 2 blocks). This is another lady (like my neighbour) whom I enjoy talking, and listening to. She made me feel good when she said she hasn't found anyone so attentive at really listening what she was trying to say, and getting to the heart of it. It's good to be able to give back.


The rest of the weekend was restful and relaxing. I was so relieved to have Brandt back home. Some finances done, but not much.


And this morning my new vacuum cleaner of just more than a month (1m2w), burned its motor! Took it to the shop, as it is still under guarantee. Explained the situation and how I've been handling it to the one clerk. Another sales clerk interrupted us accusing me of mistreating the machine, saying "but you haven't bought a new filter in these last four months!" I turned to her and said that no I haven't because the machine hasn't been in my possession for more than 1.5months! And that the manual said to wash and clean the filters, not to replace it every 4 months. She gave me this up-down look, then turned away. The original clerk told me not to worry, that he thought they would have a look and either replace the motor, or fix it. But he thought it might have burned because the one plastic cover wasn't fitting securely because of the rubber seal that was damaged. And that wasn't my fault (long explanation of what he pointed out to me), but in trying to make it seal properly I might have been too forceful, and damaged it further. So water drops could have gotten through to the motor. Still... it shouldn't burn out in less than two months from droplets getting through, so maybe it was just a dud. I'll only know in two weeks' time. So in the meantime I'm really 'riding the broom'.


I also went to the optometrist's shop and ordered a pair of prescription, polarized sunglasses. It will be paid from our medical aid day-to-day savings. My eyes are really taking a beating from the sun when driving the kids around. I can't find clip-on's for over my normal glasses.


And now I'm going to catch up on drinking water.

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That sounds completely crazy with the vacuum cleaner. You are not supposed to need to be a mechanic/engineer in order to operate one of those things. Glad you could at least prove you hadn't even owned it for 4 months.

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14 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

I hope you can get a new vacuum, or they fix this way. How frustrating. My husband has polarized glasses, and he really likes them (when we actually get sunB))

There are apparently levels of multi-focal lens quality, and levels of polarization. The lady was able to get me something with the quality comparable to my current everyday glasses, with added polarization. She wanted to add anti-glare too, but that would be a bit superfluous with the polarization. And they'll be using my previous frame, which was so comfortable. I nearly sighed when I had to put the frame on yesterday for her to mark where the multi-focal points had to be. If I'm lucky, I might be able to wear them inside the house when working on the computer as well. Then my eyes won't get so tired and hopefully my right eye muscle won't jump around as much at night.

5 hours ago, Xena said:

That sounds completely crazy with the vacuum cleaner. You are not supposed to need to be a mechanic/engineer in order to operate one of those things. Glad you could at least prove you hadn't even owned it for 4 months.

Luckily I always keep the receipts (because business and warranty/guaranty), and the first clerk actually remembered me from when I bought the machine there 1.5months ago. When Brandt looked at the rubber seal last night he immediately saw that it was perishing and stuck to a part of the rubber, so he thinks that I really got a dud, because a seal can't perish in this short time. I don't even use the machine more than twice a week. Anyway... we'll see what happens. This same situation happened with the very first vacuum cleaner of this brand I bought 13 yrs ago, and they replaced the whole motor/top part and seals with no problem. I was just taken aback when that second clerk became so antagonistic. I wasn't blaming the company or anything, I was explaining the situation of use. But... I was a bit frustrated because I haven't vacuumed the whole house yet, when it blew.


I'll sweep the two floors (computer area and kitchen) just now, then wash the floors. I washed the floors that I had managed to vacuum yesterday. I'll check what else needs doing.


Oh and Missy was sick again this morning. Adam woke us up calling that someone was vomiting, and it turned out to be Missy (senior dog). She snuck a bone out of the rubbish, and bones don't sit well with her tummy. So 4am and I had to clean up the mess in front (not too bad). Brandt helped me with the second bout of mess next to his side of the bed.


I'll try to start a new Spring Ryder challenge sometime this week.

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