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RNG based Workout Plan

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I have been racking my brain to come up with a workout that I want to do. I feel like an RNG based workout would be the best because it may be on the easier end or it may push me to my limits. For example, 20 push-ups being my max, one set of 20 would theoretically be worse than 3 sets of 10. I just have not been able to find a way to create a solid workout that has the ability to have RNG elements.

My other problem is with sets and reps or time based tracking, plus tracking in general. I prefer to have a number to aim at and not to failure, because 1 might be failure because I don't care to do more. (Which now that I think about it, I would do the same thing with a set number, I may just need an accountability partner)


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So this is what I recently came up with. I am interested if anyone has any comments or suggestions.

Roll #1, how many sets:
1-2: 3 sets
3-4: 4 sets
5-6: 5 sets

Roll #2, how many reps:
1: 4 reps
2: 8 reps
3: 12 reps
4: 16 reps
5: 20 reps
6: 10 reps

Roll #3, what exercise:
1: Burpee
2: Push-up
3: Sit-up
4: Half Jack
5: Lunge
6: Squat

Roll #4, continue?
1-2: Stop
3-5: Do it again
6: Do it again and add the exercise(s) from current round

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