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After lurking for years

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Howdy folks. My name is Rob, and I have been a follower of Steve's rebellion since 2013! I also signed up for this forum in 2015 but never posted anything. Today is the day I post.


Nerd Fitness has been a big part of my life and made a huge impact in 2013. I was going through some health issues which left me a mess, but focusing on some small changes that I learned on this website, my body feels better, my mind is astute, and I feel that I'm a better husband and father. The website got my fitness on track and the book Level up your Life helped get my other aspects of life (ie work) in check. I went from a stay at home dad who never thought he'd work well again to being the badass guy at a new job (which went from a 3 month temp assignment to a nearly 3 year gig), and now I'm back as a stay at home dad again with another kiddo. The future looks very bright.


I reached a successful milestone in my life recently. I just had my tenth wedding anniversary with my lovely wife, and also hit a fitness milestone at about the same time.


At my wedding in 2009, I weighed 260 lbs (and a height of 5'6"). A couple days ago, in 2019, I now weigh 189 lbs. I also try to run 3 miles thrice a week, have done a couple stadium Spartan Race events, signed up for an outdoor one, and want to get back into barbell training.


In 2009, I was fat and thought working out and eating healthy was not for me. Now I love it. Although I do indulge in junk food from time to time, I aim to cook healthy delicious meals, and mostly make good choices at restaurants. I try to set a good example for my daughters so they can be both smart but fit like their old man (my 8 year old is a GT student scoring on the 99th percentile for the city, codes for fun, wants to be an astronaut, and has taken dance, gymnastics, tennis and wants to start taekwondo. She also has run two kid Spartan race and can bodyweight squat like a champ).


I hope to be able to contribute something to this community which has given me a great inspiration over the years! Thanks for listening to my story and see you around!

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Rob, this is fantastic dude! I'm so glad to hear how you've implemented the lessons of the Rebellion and Level Up Your Life.

This is WHY I started NF, and why I wrote the book. People like you.


Thanks for being here, and thanks for sharing YOUR learned wisdom with the Rebellion!

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