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Health enthusiast from Sweden

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My name is Daniel and I live on the swedish west coast. I am a highly educated nutrtionist (bachelors degree from the University of Gothenburg) and also work as a personal trainer. For the last five years I have been working with diets, coaching, lifestyle changes and weight loss.


The  health status of the world is, unfurtunately, in a decline and have been for years. It is my, and my collegues, goal to stop this! I have for the last five years focused on helping people in Sweden but now that my experience is getting bigger I want to reach out towards the world! my aim is to take science and make it understandable and applicable for everyone! This is the reason why have joined this forum, to try and help out as mush as I can!


and guys, I apologize for any spelling erros. English is not my first language!



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