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Athaclena - Just Keep Swimming....

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Well, last week was - basically - abysmal on the walking front. I ate some veggies. Actually cooked and kept up better on cleaning. Got some shizzle done this weekend with respect to catching up with paperwork for the side gig so I'll have (hopefully) everything I need come January to do the Small Business tax reporting thing.

Have had some terrible headaches over the weekend and f'd up my sleep schedule - so I slept in today and didn't walk. But this afternoon I've been taking breaks from work and doing stuff around the house that has needed attention. I have early meetings tomorrow\Wed, so we'll see if I can get up early enough to get in walks before logging in for those meetings.

So - time to throw off last week and get some stuff done this week!

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Things have definitely fallen down the "wayside" on the walking front. I've been exhausted and forgetting to "protect" my morning time by blocking an extra early 1/2 hour on my schedule - so had to be online and ready to go (which meant at least a few minutes of prep) at 9am. I know - for you early folks - I'll cry you a river LOL. But I'm not a morning person - and lets just say that the 9 months I had to be in Downtown Atlanta by 7:30a required a crap ton of caffeine because I had to be on the road by 6:25a - miss that by 5 min and I'd be 15-20 min late *shudder*.

On the bright side, I've made progress packing and cleaning the house. The kitchen has STAYED clean the last couple of weeks - WHILE cooking 3-5 times per week (trust me - this is a record - not so much for the # of times per week cooked - but keeping a clean kitchen while doing it LOL). I've managed at least a surface clean of all 3 bathrooms. OH - and I've been eating veggies more regularly.

So - I'll take it. Now to swim on to the next challenge!

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