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Legionary gives his bad habits a smack

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Final check in for this one. 

Weight: 170 finally reached what feels like a more sustainable weight because I don't get the wild changes anymore. 


Training: was rough for a little while during this challenge but I got my good habits back and now I'm progressing again. Swordfighting has been a good motivator. If we were using actual sabers I would have died at least 20 times in the last few weeks but being bad at something can really bring about change. 

Diet/nutrition: this has taken a turn for the worse and likely what I'm going to focus on next, I have trouble finding the right balance of eating enough calories eating food that dosnt make me feel like trash (pizza, beer, sugar, etc)


I'm really not sure where I want to go from here with my fitness journey and I may take a challenge off to assess/maintain I'm not too sure yet 

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