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What up running nerds? So, since January I've incorporated running into my routine, and went from huffy puffy 10 second runs and couch 2 5k to doing three 3-mile runs a week (clocking between 27-30 minutes usually). I'm beyond proud of myself and my weight loss and really kicked in. However, I want to make it better without going longer...I already have a mental reason that helps me do the 30 minutes and beyond that I'm bored or gassed.


Lot of talking, sorry.


Today, I tried to take my rudimentary knowledge of HIIT from reading this site into my routine.


Same three mile run (which is 4 times around a .75 mile route of streets around my house), but twice a loop I kick it up to a fast run or sprint for about 30-40 seconds for a total of 8.  Then back to my normal jogging speed or slower to recover. 


The total time today was 28m30s, which is about the same as my standard run... I'm guessing my recovery jogs were slower than my average pace.


For you more experienced runners, does this make sense? Is this HIIT enough? It certainly made it more challenging and feel faster/more entertaining. 


Thanks for reading! 

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Sounds like pretty classic speed work. You just have to increase to run/sprint and decrease the recovery - do this slowly. Also only do speed work occasionally as it can take a lot out of you 

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My situation is super similar! I started running in January (of 2020 though), and I'm running about 3 miles, 3 times a week. I was also hoping to use HIIT to increase my speed.

My plan (still being formulated) is to use HIIT as a separate training day, replacing a normal run one day a week. Something like sprint a minute, walk a minute (or 2? or 3?), alternating the whole run (which may not be 3 miles). The pain is I feel like I need to custom make some audio that lets me know when to start, when to stop, and has enjoyable music for both parts.

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I think the trickiest part of this plan is that, if you HIIT too much, you are a prime candidate for running injuries and you might push yourself into the "red zone" in the name of properly doing HIIT.


so.... my thoughts are to emphasize all the basics of injury prevention.  Not too often, not too intense, not too long per session, lots of listening to your body and with a concurrent strength training program.


the last part is the one many too many runners skip IMHO. If you google it, you'll see that many runner coaches advocate that runners do some strength training and MORE than just a few static stretches.  if you're struggling for ideas; darebee's has dozens of plans.  I wager routinely doing one of them (along WITH safe HIIT) drops your risk significantly.



OTOH; i'm only reiterating what I've heard elsewhere.... (though I do have a strength training routine)...


personally, frankly, I think you guys are Nuts! 😉😁


I'm totally an endurance guy when it comes to running.  even speedwork feels like taking my unpleasant medicine and I don't want to do it.


give me 10k of gentle jogging and I'm in bliss.


but as you probably know; to do HIIT right, you have to push yourself Really hard!  again my googling said nearly max effort; with recovery laps in between.  give me my 10k or longer any old day ;).  I'm sure I'd rather run a marathon.




so I'm sure I should have NOT posted. haha. sorry

stay safe


..( OP/ regarding your question, cuz you didn't mention a strength training plan, or bodyweight, yoga,etc. NO.  HIIT running by itself is Not a particularly balanced Fitness routine. IMHO )

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the "NEW" normal is good with me! as Life was Never really Normal anyways....


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