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My HIIT jog/run

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What up running nerds? So, since January I've incorporated running into my routine, and went from huffy puffy 10 second runs and couch 2 5k to doing three 3-mile runs a week (clocking between 27-30 minutes usually). I'm beyond proud of myself and my weight loss and really kicked in. However, I want to make it better without going longer...I already have a mental reason that helps me do the 30 minutes and beyond that I'm bored or gassed.


Lot of talking, sorry.


Today, I tried to take my rudimentary knowledge of HIIT from reading this site into my routine.


Same three mile run (which is 4 times around a .75 mile route of streets around my house), but twice a loop I kick it up to a fast run or sprint for about 30-40 seconds for a total of 8.  Then back to my normal jogging speed or slower to recover. 


The total time today was 28m30s, which is about the same as my standard run... I'm guessing my recovery jogs were slower than my average pace.


For you more experienced runners, does this make sense? Is this HIIT enough? It certainly made it more challenging and feel faster/more entertaining. 


Thanks for reading! 

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Sounds like pretty classic speed work. You just have to increase to run/sprint and decrease the recovery - do this slowly. Also only do speed work occasionally as it can take a lot out of you 

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