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Operation: Be kind to myself


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I haven't fully figured this one out yet, but the basics are pretty simple; self-care.


We are into my worst time of year.  I know, it's not even actually Autumn yet, but the anticipation of having to spend more time indoors and shorter days is worse than the real thing for me.  So this challenge is about learning how to work with it.  


I know mental health wellness will involve investigating sunlight lamps and if they are right for me.  How can it not be a benefit?  Something is better than nothing.

Self-satisfaction wellness is focused on maintaining all the good habits I've developed over the last few months.  I can moisturize and floss; it isn't that time/energy consuming.

Relationship wellness will involve things I hadn't considered until recently ie; do MrC and I have the same general ideas for eventual travel, house ideas, retirement plans.  It isn't all about me now.


And the biggest one of all- duh duh duuuuuh-  I have started the process to finally heal my stupid shoulder.  Awaiting on the PT office to set up an appointment and get this pain gone!  So excited!:excitement:

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2 hours ago, Chesire said:

And the biggest one of all- duh duh duuuuuh-  I have started the process to finally heal my stupid shoulder.  Awaiting on the PT office to set up an appointment and get this pain gone!  So excited!:excitement:

Ugh, shoulder pain is such a... pain.  Not having fully functional shoulders makes things so much harder than they need to be

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21 hours ago, wondering_piper said:

I have always been curious about sunlamps and if they work.  If you get one, fill us in on your thoughts.

As long as you promise to be patient :D because even if I get one, I won't have much feedback for a while!

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Last week self-kindness was getting my butt to the Dr so I could go to PT.  Yay!  PT assessment was crazy.  Left arm has zero strength for horizontal abduction



So anyone would be safe from an elbow to the nose if they stand on my left side.  I was also satisfied to learn I was correct about the muscles most involved.  Woot!


This week's kindness is 2-fold.  First applying the work I did last month to determine I am a side-kick personality.  I will work just as hard as the hero, but in a supportive role.  In this case it means working hard for two small business owners, but I get to go home and forget about all the other crap.

Second is ordering the sunlight lamp.  Had some nice feedback and did some research.  Now hopefully this will be a good value.



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10 hours ago, Rookie said:

Make sure to do the exercises

Absolutely!  I've seen too many people who either don't do or do too much and neither is good.  I want to be able to do a chin-up again and right now lifting a coffee cup hurts :blue:.   In the mean time, I've had a ridiculous amount of fun telling people "look what I can't do!"  such a dope :D 

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What a great week!  MrC and I have had interesting conversations about all those thoughts about the future that are way in the back of your head but never come out because they aren't relevant now.  All due to the Jumanji challenge about where you see yourself in 5, 10, 30 years.  


I finished up the stinking crochet project I had to redo from start.  So. Much. Pink.  Finished up a beautiful scarf with amazing yarn.  Started my first shaped piece, a dog sweater, with the idea of doing a sweater for me next.  


I found a new mantra for myself that seems to be working.  I've always talked to myself as I were a recalcitrant child to get my butt in motion for everything from house cleaning to going to bed on time.  The new version is "Don't be a brat."  So far this spurred me to call the dr (a scary process,) do dishes before tv time, get off the computer, make time to play with the cat.  All purpose and has reminded me that sulking about the thing I have to do takes more time than doing the thing.  


I learned my body has adapted enough to increased cardio load that I can return to strength training legs and core for now, upper eventually.  This is HUGE as a few years ago I realized for me the key to beat depression is strength training (needed more than pretty balanced diet and limited alcohol.)  


Let's see how this momentum continues

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I've come to the conclusion that I need a daily tasks list.  I don't know what happened over the last 9 months or so, but I can't seem to get myself in line for anything at home; fitness, meal prep, house cleaning.  Not upset in any way about it, but I know I will be happier if I do the things in an organized way.


And yay!   The girls liked their afghans!  I was slightly concerned how they would be received as 9yo's can be pretty cutting if they don't like it.  IMG_1933.thumb.JPG.5ca70d80b55b7496867aa8b711c3c92b.JPG

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This has been a good challenge.  Allowing myself to heal and try to work with my concerns has been so positive that I'm actually enjoying the lovely autumn instead of going through the motions! 


@wondering_piper The lamp has made a difference.  If that difference is based on the full spectrum aspect or simply that I have a lovely bright light for when I am up before the sun, I don't know.  I definitely like not needing to wait for the sun to wake me, and hadn't realized how much that caused me to struggle to get in gear in the morning.


Now I'm trying to not be impatient while my PT is still going on.  I just want to be able to extend my arm fully overhead so I can go back to chin up training and my explore handstands.  At least getting back to proper strength training will be great since it helps my outlook so much.


And it was a good birthday weekend.  Patient MrC went to the museum with me to see the awesome Body Worlds exhibit, though he said it was repayment for me going to airplane and car shows.  

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