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A. Redifinition

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Title under consideration :p

Well, goals too but they will probably stay the same, judging by my previous challenges. I guess I have this goal setting thing down, at least to my satisfaction.


Welcome! In this episode of 'Don't fall off the bandwagon', I have decided to apply the same structure many have on NF. Seemed like I found it fun to edit the 0/100 pages reading goal last challenge. Let's see how this will go, I am genuinely curious. 




Fitness and health:
*Now really, at least 2 times exercise per week.
*Eat optimally for my body. Eat ENOUGH during the day, so I can stop at 7 PM. Drink enough, eat enough vegetables and fruit. 
*Just take the damn micronaps if I have time and need them. Drowsily plowing on does not work for me.
*Meditate (micro-meditations count) daily.
*NEW: Do something TRULY and fully relaxing once a week. Lean into it and recharge.

*Keep academic skills levelled/increase them (longer than 1 challenge period)

-(0/3) If not researching/writing, look for potential topics for Thesis No. 2. Boil it down to 3 topics. 
-(0/15) Find 5 relevant sources for each topic.
-(0/2 or 3, need to check) Check topics suggested by Supervisor No. 1. 
* (0/1) Switch to autumn wardrobe.


* (0/1) BONUS: Bake smth with almond flower.

* (0/1) BONUS: Finish the last summer organising task.


*To find my mind/body connection and balance. 
*To keep disproving my own limiting beliefs about what I can and cannot. 
*And never forget that - although nothing beats dedication and perspiration - there are also ways to work smarter and not harder. Always be aware of my surroundings and never lose sight of the bigger picture. 


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– Monday, September 16th – Sunday, October 20th –

My planning needs to be clear, but simple and quick to keep up. I really like planning and/or evaluating things instead of actually doing them.


Week Zero
Studies related bottle necks in italics. I really need to catch up with readings and start revising lectures from the past two weeks. I will not be able to revise in bulk (later this period) properly, it's too much stuff, and I’m going for gold this year. All the more reason to make my body a little more resilient, or even anti-fragile.


To recharge with: a self-massage.


Week One, 16 September
From the middle of this week until the next I will be writing an essay on a – as far as I could judge by the practice essay – given statement and accompanied by unclear instructions.


>I will STILL get two times exercising in. My weekly squash lessons start this week, yay. I will have 7 total to refresh the basic techniques and rules.


To recharge with:


Week Two, 23 September
Deadline 1. 


To recharge with:


Week Three, 30 September
Deadline 2.


To recharge with:


Week Four, 7 October
Revision, revision, revision.


To recharge with:


Week Five, 14 October
You get the drill. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, right?


To recharge with:


The future
In the weeks of the 28th of October and on the 4th of November I will have the other deadlines for this period. (I think week 1 and 2 of the challenge AFTER this one.)

If I do good I might treat myself to a faceless themed challenge, even though I am long far behind GoT.

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6 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

It seems you know the drill by now :D

Haha, yes! 8-)


When the official one is posted I will definitely ask questions and persuade other students to do the same. I am not one to complain easily, but I'd say a bit of student-teacher staff checks and balances is healthy.


6 hours ago, WhiteGhost said:

I like your format with specific tasks allocated for each week. 




Ok, it is time to start this Thursday and see what I can do! First order(s) of business, take care of nose, make tea and do the dishes.


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I was actually thinking about the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (because I am unlearning what my supposed limits are you know :p ) so it is fun you also got a hip hop vibe.


Today was not that great, both focus and sportsy motivation wise. Also last night and today I had major junk food cravings that I gave in to (two donuts, chips, a muffin with raisins topped with nutella). And it was not mindful at all. I just attacked them! Did not overeat, but still.


I sometimes do that when I am feeling kinda good. I felt kind of good in my shorts and thought I would act like the kind of person that does not gain weight and is immune to the human reaction to junk in system :p


Ok, I also ate vegetables, a banana, and got SOME chores and reading done. So the world has not fallen. 



Let's go! Dry hair, do one more chore and go to bed on time.


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Switched fysio massage to selfmassage because the woman cancelled on me :p It happens, kind of a bummer though.


Also I had zumba today. I hoped that would be my superrelaxing thing but the instructor was the type that just does his thing and if you follow, ok. If not, also ok. I feel great having exercised but the best bit was doing part of my massage video for.... *drum roll* feet! Yeah, it is needed. 

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So. Still some planning (and more executing) to do. Not on schedule.


Granted that I am still trying to enjoy the being outside as much as I can now that the weather is pretty much perfect for me. So less time indoors. And I cannot study easily in the garden. Well maybe lecture-to-flashcards style revision.


I exercised twice this week.


Been having more food cravings but trying to snack on stuff that does not make me spiral down to being a chocolate monster again. I had chocolate TODAY, but purposefully the type I do not like too much. Just enough that it can be said it is chocolate.


Overall having some quite nutritional desserts & snacks.


Tomorrow marks Monday of week 1. Let's go!

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