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Last month ended up being a rollercoaster with regards to both my mental and physical health, so the theme for this challenge is getting back to a place where I am stable and healthy. Goals are:


1. Sleep: Be in bed by 10:30 on week days and early enough to get 8 hours of sleep on weekends. Last time I gave myself a half hour grace period and completely abused it, so this time I'm cutting down the grace period to 10 minutes.


2. Nutrition: Eat a generally Mediterranean style diet and track with MyFitnessPal to make sure I'm not eating either too much or too little.


3. Exercise: Keep up with my established exercise routine with a run/bike on Fridays being optional. My main focus for the next few weeks is going to be getting my nutrition where it needs to be, so I'm just maintaining on exercise.


4. Life: Get everything that's supposed to be in the house out of the garage. I got new carpet a few weeks ago, so a ton of random things got moved to the garage and haven't moved back yet. I also have a strong incentive to not leave things on the floor anymore so they have to actually get put away. Because I'm lazy, I'll say I'm on the hook for one box every day I get home before 6:30.


Bonus Challenge: I picked up an ear infection a little more than a week ago, so that's been sapping my energy and general sense of wellbeing for what feels like a while now. It's on the mend, but for now sleep is even more important than usual.


I'll be off September 26-October 6 exploring a few states out west and some of the national parks, so yay!

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I had a friend in town last weekend, so I didn't start until yesterday.


Progress for yesterday:

Sleep: On time!

Food: Within 100 calories

Exercise: I managed to pick up two minor injuries over the weekend, so didn't do my usual high intensity strength workout, but did get in a shortened moderate strength workout before my body started complaining too much.

Life: Got home late, so nothing yet


And so far for today:

Exercise: Got an hour of swimming in. More tiring than usual.

Life: Got one box emptied. Good news on this front is that there aren't nearly as many boxes as I thought, bad news is that I truly don't know what to do with the things that are in most of the boxes...

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Sleep: 25 minutes late :( I found a small but catastrophic mistake in a crafting project a little too close to bedtime

Food: Over by about 200 calories



Exercise: Yoga and belly dancing accomplished. It's wonderful to be back at dance after a break for the start of the school year. 

Life: Home late, so no boxes


Since I added yoga into my Wednesdays I've had a tendency to get light headed during dance in the evenings. Since I don't have time to eat dinner, I've been trying to eat a snack in the afternoons to keep my energy up. Today I had just some hunger and a tiny touch of light headedness do I think the snack is at least helping. May need to increase it, though, or find a way to add some protein...

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Sleep: On time!

Food: Within goal!



Exercise: Swimming and strength training done. Both hard, but doable.

Life: Interwebs are distracting and I got home later than I should have

Food: Almost certainly went over. Work provided lunch and I had a bit too much dessert. And then resorted to deli counter chicken strips with dinner, because I didn't want full vegetarian tonight. I at least didn't succumb to McDonald's, though

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Back from vacation and starting to get back on track.



Sleep: Just barely on time

Food: Decent until dinner

Exercise: Got in a strength class. And now everything hurts lol.

Life: Home late



Food: So far so good. The only thing left for tonight is dessert :)

Exercise: Got in a slow, but complete hour of swimming. Heard rumors they're thinking about cutting the 6am swim due to lack of people. If this happens, I'll need to either start getting up for 5:30 swims or get used to starting in the middle of one workout slot and finishing I'm the middle of the next.

Life: Home late


I'm going to try taking the advice on the main blog about scheduling time in each week for things like cooking and planning cooking. This week is still a little funky since I didn't get home until Sunday afternoon but in the future:

Tuesday after dinner: Figure out how much food I need for next week, pick out recipes, and put together a shopping list.

Thursday after work: Grocery shop and handle any major prep (e.g. cooking ride).

Saturday before dinner: Batch cook recipe #1 for the week (if needed).

Sunday before dinner: Batch cook recipe #2 for the week (if needed).


Upcoming recipes are beef burrito casserole (tomorrow), Chicken wild rice soup (Thursday), and Greek turkey burgers (Saturday).

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Sleep has been less than it should be lately. But step one to fixing this is that I’m not on Reddit right now. 


Exercise has has been pretty close, but not quite there. Skipped Thursday morning swim after being up until 1am on Wednesday. Skipped strength training yesterday in exchange for actually getting the kitchen clean. I did at least get in a good length walk today (additional to my weekly routine).


I ate a lot of fast food last week. I’m getting started on the new weekly meal prep routine. Planning and shopping both happened on time, as well as cooking on Saturday night (and Saturday lunch to make up for not cooking the week before). Even though I didn’t get in the cooking I was supposed to tonight I did at least eat leftovers instead of going out. I’m hoping to have the cooking that was supposed to get done today done by Tuesday and then I’ll be back on track.


I didn’t empty any boxes, but I did spend 5 hours cleaning the kitchen, which feels like a big achievement right now.

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Sleep: On time (just)

Food: Kept on track today, despite a random desire for chicken nuggets. Did not get food prep done, although I’ll probably try to squeeze in trimming the chicken in exchange for a bit of sleep so the trimmings can go out with the trash tonight.

Exercise: Didn’t want to go, but did anyways. Should be some epic DOMS tomorrow.

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