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Starpuck learns to Reckless Attack [Barbarian Mode]

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"Sometimes it is pure, bold action that is required Jyotika... let the overthinking be left to the wizards."

~Kheth, of the Crimson Hawks




And here comes the late arrival to the troupe of Rangers involved in the PbP D&D game!    Joining up the ranks here with @SheriffWolfpool, @Raxie and @Jarric , and DM'd by the illustrious @DarK_RaideR.     Following suit, I'll be theming this challenge to fit the narrative of my Fire Genasi Barbarian:  Jyotika.


Narrative to come...




The Goals:

Fire Genasi - Rather than hide your distinctive appearance, you exult in it. 

Daily goals that keep a fire genasi looking, and feeling, their brightest.

  • Morning Ignition  ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐
  • Fuel your Rage  ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐
  • Bright Whites and Charcoal Skin  ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐
  • Avoid Exhaustion ☐☐☐☐☐☐☐
  • Get that Ink

Start my day with a V8 because I really need to up my veggies.

Track my food, because it works.  **

PM teeth and face routine, because, shiny!

Strive for 8 hours IN bed, 7 hours slept!

Participate in Inktober starting Oct 1st.

** - Meals that are not calorically counted, must be photographed and shared.


Barbarian Basics

A little more time consuming, these are the things I want to keep consistent on.

  • Strength and speed!  ☐☐☐☐☐
  • Hunt for the party ☐☐
  • The Spark of Creativity ☐☐☐

Get back to consistent movement.   Lift 2-3x / week.   There'll be a hockey day in most weeks, otherwise, fill in the rest with some walks, bike rides, stretching & yoga.

Cook at the Gaming House at least once a week, with enough to eat leftovers on the other gaming night!  

Art stuff, can be tablet work, sketching OR art lessons.  Aim for 2-3x/week.  (Can be less during Inktober.)


Coffee is my dump stat...

A side goal to help me break a habit that has gotten out of hand.  

  • Coffee in the morning M-F only.
  • 1 Iced Coffee per week only.


Every barbarian has a dump stat- something they have a score just high enough to avoid failing all their saves on.    That is my relationship with Coffee for this challenge.  Juuust enough to have a chance at making my daily patience saving throw.


Reckless Attack

A side goal of critical importance, which is also the most difficult.  These will be challenge long goals.

  • Random -outgoing- act of kindness.  ☐☐☐☐☐☐
  • Out of the Comfort Zone  ☐☐☐


My anxiety when doing new things, or meeting new people is starting to get crippling.   I wasn't always like this, so I blame the age old plague of 'out of practice'.   I want to combat this by just doing it more.  A barbarian can choose to attack recklessly- throwing aside all concern for defense (comfort zone) to attack with fierce desperation (bold outgoingness).  Starting small with just a number of them to be done through the 5 weeks.  If there are more than that, awesome.


Story Arc Goals

These will be 'quest points' along the journey.

  • Move $1000 into savings by Oct 8th.   ☐
  • Move bonus money into main savings. ☐
  • Open second savings account for 'car' fund. ☐
  • Visit the chiropractor at least twice. ☐☐
  • Get a realtor. OMG  ☐
  • Buy a new desk chair for at home.  ☐
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Woo, you made it!


I love the term "patience saving through", I'm going to be asking my DMs to make a lot of those when sessions get silly!


I also forgot that Inktober starts this challenge! Do me a favour and bug me to draw stuff when that comes around?


11 hours ago, Starpuck said:

Get a realtor. OM



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Day 1...  coworker is out.   Tired as heck.  Customers are still acting like it's a full moon.

Result:  Worst. Day. Ever to deny my post lunch coffee.


Got my work out in though... I was floored when I looked how long ago it was that I did actual pull ups.  Not good guys.  It was 4 weeks ago.    Surprisingly, I still managed almost my full run of 5x5 on it.   Last set I only mustered up to 4.   Still - that could have gone much worse.


I have to cook my own dinner tonight and only just found that out- which does not do well with the whole rough day at work shindig as I want to just get home and crash.   I could!   And hope beyond hope I can find some left overs, or something that would pass as edible and not blow day one of the challenge.   Or, I have to stop somewhere and grocery shop and then prep, and then cook.    Arrrrgh!!


I did a bit of sketching last night at D&D.  My friend is changing his longtime gamertag of 'Lemonjerk' to "GrimLemon" and asked me to draw a lemon with a death shroud and reaper scythe, lol.   Should be fun!   I can take it to tablet and see how it goes from there. :D


Then some Northgard with my fellow Asgardian.   Then face routine and sleep!


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On 9/13/2019 at 2:23 PM, Starpuck said:

Random -outgoing- act of kindness. 

I had something like this in a challenge way back when. I really enjoyed it, maybe I can bring it back...


On 9/13/2019 at 2:23 PM, Starpuck said:

Coffee in the morning M-F only.

Maybe you can spike your V8 with coffee as a cheat ;) ewwwwwww



Love this challenge. I know from experience that having a "do everything" challenge along with a "get enough sleep" challenge is a... well... it's a challenge.


I love your format and how you are tying it in with the character. When you are feeling overwhelmed, "I would like to rage." When you are feeling burnt out, rekindle the flame!

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Day 2 (Tues)


It was a weird day.   Still kind of busy at work, and my brain is (I think) starting to trigger into S.A.D. mode.   It's mid-Sept so that's about right for me.   I always face the Gloom Monster at about this time.     Since my exercise habit fell out of consistency, I am also missing those happy endorphins that pump out to help combat it.   But!  Fixing that!    Another thing I've got to admit...  I think I am over-extended/addicted to video games right now.  


I always tell people I have a "teeter totter" of interests, but it's more like, a totter that has like 5 or more arms, and my energy for things tips from one to the next to the next.   Right now, I have a lot of floon for video games and D&D.    Art totter is up over there... less impressive for me right now.    Exercise is hovering in middle air space.     The trouble is, video games shouldn't ever tip the totter to an extreme.   Sure they're fun, but they create some unhealthy side-effects.  (Lose hours of time in a snap of fingers.   Dull the energy levels very quickly.)    So, I need to address that.


No art last night because (of above noted video game addiction).   But I did write out/draw out my tracker for this challenge.



  • So burn energy is any time I move with intent.   Green for strength, light blue for walks, dark blue will be for heavy cardio sessions. 
  • Spark is the creative side of things.  Art and lesson.
  • Hunt is for home cooked food for game nights.  I am counting last Sunday's cooking, since the left overs kick into tomorrow's food.  
  • The dailies are along the left side.  Pretty self explanatory except for the 8 hours.   It's filled in pink if I was in BED for 8 hours.  A - means I netted less than 7 'actual sleep' hours, and the number inside denotes hitting 7 or more sleep-sleep hours.   (Other Fitbit users... do you all net like 45-70 minutes restless each night?  Or am I freak?)
  • Dump stat is for my iced coffees.
  • And the Reckless Attack section, I've left room to note what it was I did. :)

Tonight is Night One of the class at church.  (No longer volunteering, still want to try it.)   A part of me is already going, "Gosh, just have some down time, do your art, sheez."   But then my logic voice is going, "You'd just play video games if you ditched anyway.  Plus this nets #1 out of comfort zone checklist."      My sister even said she wanted to go, so I'd have a wingman!!     


Exercise today could be tricky.   I left all my freshly washed workout clothes at home this morning.  I *could* still get a bike ride in, but I'd have to wear my bike shorts sans undergarments, because I have no freshies to change into.    My hip is also still being a butt.   HAH.  Weird imagery there.     I was going to hit the chiro on Saturday but forgot I have a hair appt.  Which also means no chance for pre-game exercise that night.   Doh!



Channel my inner @Raxie !!




Schedule Sanity Saver:

Tonight (Wed) - Home, Church group 6:30-8:30, home - art!   (Get a bike ride in.)

Thursday - Straight to Warhammer night.  Eat left overs.    (Lift Day)

Friday - Home, D&D prepOMG, art, video games only AFTER all else done.  (Some kind of exercise)

Saturday - Hair Appts me and sis 9-1.  Home, get stuff, go to friends house.  Pre-game Food Outing

Sunday - Church, chill, shop & cook, ToA night.   Sketch something!

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That's awesome you got through your pull ups after some time off!


I love your trackers!!! Since buying a pre-done bullet journal thingy I don't have the benefit of being able to customize things like using flames and such, which is nice because I don't have time to do it all the time, but also a bummer because that looks so awesome and it's gonna look even awesomer all filled innnn!!!

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Your tracker is amazing. Our weather made a sudden change to rainy, and of course the days are getting shorter. SAD isn't hitting me full force, but my energy levels have dropped.


I think yo will be glad that you went to the class. Getting out with other people  at church can be a really great  way to renew your energy. 

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Your Bullet Journal tracker is so nice I'm having BuJo envy!

I really like your introspection into video games. I have had to pretty much stop most games because they just take up too much time. I also found myself complaining about grinding... which made me question why I was doing it in the first place. If it wasn't making me happy and satisfied, then why was I doing it. I miss playing them and will allow myself some time playing, but I'm trying to be better about noticing when I'm getting frustrated and walking away. Now I can use that time to do woodworking or juggling. Both have moments of frustration, but both also make me feel like I am getting something real out of it.

I know for you, part of it is social, and so that could be something that you get out of it that I don't. But I guess the question to ask yourself before sitting down to a game is, "Would I rather end tonight with new art or with more XP? Would I rather have more sleep or more SR?" The answer can be different on different nights, of course, but it is still a good question to ask.

I know it's not easy trying to find that balance (especially for us Rangers) but your awareness and introspection seem like they are pointing you in the right direction.

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Day 3 (Wed.)


Did not go totally according to plan but I can't be too upset with it.

Did my dailies.   Got a bike ride in.  (This darn hip is concerning me!)

Got some art finished up.  (GrimLemon below...)

However, did NOT go to the new class... everyone bailed on me and with sharks circling the shore, and my stress levels high, I couldn't push through the anxiety to go by myself.   I'll double down on next week. 


Heading into bed a full 30 minutes before cut off time, and hoping for some solid zzz's.


Here's the avatar I made for my buddy, lol.


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"They call you Devil Foot because they know it bothers you.   But I would call you Fire Belly - the fire inside you is pure, Jyotika.  Do not find shame in it.  Exult in it!"

~Kheth, of the Crimson Hawks


Great storms announce themselves with a simple breeze, Captain, and a single rebel spark can ignite the fires of rebellion.   ~Unknown

Jyotika's Origins




My memories are full of fire and voices.    Some familiar, some fleeting, some kind ... but not many.    I know my mother's name was Shula, but as the days turn to years, I find myself losing the details of her appearance.    She was beautiful- I know that.  And kind.    I remember most her eyes; bright, full of life and love, and a spark of mischief.     "You are a treasure," she would say to me every night.  "Be bold and know your worth Tika, others will envy you and fear you, but your path is your own."

My time with her was short though.   How ironic that I would lose her to a fire...     I remember that night so well still.

It's odd that the very flames that took everything from me, somehow felt so comfortable and embracing that night.   Their heat coaxed me gently from a deep sleep, but not out of fear- out of curiosity.    It was the shouts from outside that struck my young ears and urged panic.   "Burn it down!  Send them back to their hellish home!"   "Devil whore!"   "If you want to make deals with the devil, then be gone to him!"   "Womb of devils!"

I didn't understand them, not then.  Now?  Their words cut to the quick so fast that the mere thought of them boils my blood.    Rumors and gossip had churned our small village into an uproar.   "Deals with the devil" they had said.    My father, a man whom I have never met, was apparently that devil.    My birth sealed their opinion on my mothers suitor...  ashen skin, golden eyes, hair like flame...   And deals with the devil were, apparently, absolutely damnable.

The fire was meant to take us both, and to this day I do not know how it is I survived, but I stepped free of the house, barefoot and wearing only a soot covered nightgown.    I was scared, and angry, and as I stepped outside, flames erupted around each small footfall of mine.    The cries of 'Devil Foot' still ring in my ears.     Moments later, the orange hue of the night sky was gone, replaced by the heady scent of an old grain sack turned hood.

From that day I was shuffled from one place to another.    I often wonder why they didn't just kill me outright?   I assume it was out of fear of greater recompense.   Or perhaps getting the actual blood of a child on their hands proved too much.      It was a priest of Talos that took me from that village with promise of 'purifying' the evil within.     He exchanged me to another, a disciple of Asmodeus (he referred to him as The Devil's Butler), with the whispered vow of, "Take what is yours and leave this town in its peace.  We want no part of this.  And Talos will not share his domain with another."

So I would spend the next four years under the tutelage of this disciple, who, treated me with common civility perhaps, but no kindness.   To this day I don't know his name, I knew him only as Master, or Teacher.  He did have an oversized cat though, and the cat seemed to enjoy time with me.  No doubt because I offered an always warm body to steal heat from.    Selfish cat!  My studies with Master did not go well however  I was impatient and easily bored with the incantations and lectures he tried to pass on to me.    Complaints about having no sense of law or order, and being as combustible as an oil lamp kicked over by an angry -incompetent- mule, drew his patience short, until finally he too relented me to another.  I was just eight.

Mercenaries this time.   The Crimson Hawks by name.   They weren't bad as far as traveling vagabonds go.    I was teased relentlessly, but there were some who shared kindness with me.  Kheth more than the others.   She was a druid, a powerful one at that, who would often take the form of a fire elemental to stand beside me when the older boys got too rough with their bullying.   It was she who would first tell me that I was, in fact, no devil child at all.    "Your fire Jyo, comes not from the hells, but from someplace pure.  The purest of fires, in fact.  How that came to be, I cannot tell you.  But you are no devil, and I do not believe your mother made such deals either."     

As I got older, I started fighting back when the teasing started.    The Merc Captain, a big brute of a man by the name of Robert Treist, (who was referred to by allies and enemies alike, as "The Bear") did nothing to stop such rambunctious behavior.  "Let the strong sort themselves out," he would say, "We can't accord to feed those who don't contribute."

I remember the first day I lost all control of myself.   Toby was a little shit, and he'd found a new button that morning.  "Hey Jyotika!   Did your mom fuck a demon, a devil, or a drow to get your skin that color!?"    A red haze, not unlike the hue of the house fire that night so long ago, overtook me.   I don't know what happened.   I only remember Kheth pulling me off his limp body and telling The Bear that she would handle it.   

The teasing lessened after that, and havinn shown potential, they began training me with weapons.  With additional time and guidance by Kheth, I was soon given a soldier's rank in the group so I could start earning a portion of their payouts.  It seemed I'd finally found a home that was... well more or less going to work out.

At least for a while...



Some much overdue narrative!

Got a lift in today.   Despite sliced thumb, twisted wrist and still that hip twinge.  It was weak AF.  But I got it done.

Ate fine and tracked.

I did have a second cup of coffee today, but it was the lesser evil between the candy bar I almost bought.

Hoping to get some sketching in between combat rounds tonight at Warhammer, but not a big deal if I don't.  Still got 3 days for that.

Bed time probably won't be made tonight due to gaming... but maybe!





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10 hours ago, Starpuck said:

The fire was meant to take us both, and to this day I do not know how it is I survived, but I stepped free of the house, barefoot and wearing only a soot covered nightgown.

This was like a PG version of that Game of Thrones scene.... :D

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Week One Wrap Up - A bit late, and in a crazy order.


Big Goals - (One and Done)

Move $1000 into savings by Oct 8th.   ☐

Move bonus money into main savings. ▣ 

Open second savings account for 'car' fund. ☐

Visit the chiropractor at least twice. ☐☐ - Have one visit scheduled for Monday the 30th!

Get a realtor. OMG  ▣  - My work wife gave me her realtors name and # and we have exchanged preliminary texts!  

Buy a new desk chair for at home.  ☐


Morning Ignition  ▣▣▣▣▣☐☐

Fuel your Rage  ▣▣▣▣▣☐☐

Bright Whites and Charcoal Skin  ▣▣▣▣▣☐▣

Avoid Exhaustion ▣▣▣▣▣☐▣  4/7 nights netted 7+hours actual sleep despite 8 hours in bed.


Get that Ink - Not yet October

  1. V8's didn't happen on the weekend because I don't have them at home!  I need to remedy this.   Just something that totally slipped my mind.  Since they don't need to be refrigerated, this should be an easy adjustment.  I'll keep them in my room.
  2. One night I did not manage a full 8 hours in bed (same night I skipped pm face routine).
  3. I only half tracked on Saturday / Sunday.   I failed my saving through against the Snack Table's charm spell.




Strength and speed!  ▣▣▣▣☐

Hunt for the party ▣▣

The Spark of Creativity ▣▣▣

  1. 2 Lifts were had, but I am having to really deload on squats due to my twingy hip.    1 bike ride, 1 intentional 2.5 mile walk.
  2. Doing find on cooking + left over consumption on game nights.
  3. Managed 3 nights of art.  Taking the extra day off, is letting me really focus and enjoy the nights I *AM* working on it.


Random -outgoing- act of kindness.  ☐☐☐☐☐☐

Out of the Comfort Zone  ☐☐☐


** These are proving harder.  I also don't know what to consider 'outgoing enough.   Some things I did this week, that I had not done last week.  Would these?  Should these count?

  • - Knights of Colombus were doing their drive, and while I had donated twice at 2 different locations, I went up to the elderly man at the Jewel and said, "I already got you guys at Lake and Addison, but it's really muggy out here, can I bring you a cold water from inside?"      In retrospect, I should have just DONE it, and not asked.    He said no thank you, but called me a sweetie.  LOL.
  • - At church, a woman in the handicapped spot was taking a while getting in her car and then the door seemed out of reach, so I dashed back out of my car and asked if she'd like me to get her door for her... but she had already snagged it by the time I got there.   

The Comfort Zone one...well, at best I had a very hard talk with a friend, and chose to meet them for lunch after initial talk in text.   Normally I'd hide from that, but I toughed it out.   So, baby steps?


Trying to get more situated and zen for this week.


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