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I have tried half started to many times



  • male
  • turn 35 OCT
  • Weight 233LB on 09/01/2019   
  • Height 5' 11"
  • Married 
  • Two daughters 8 & 11
  • Profession Sales insurance, schedule varies will be heavy Oct 15-DEC 15 ish
  • I am Lacto-ovo-vegetarian 




Brief not fully detailed out, more to come 

  • get eating right and consistent for a lifetime with 35 and on lifestyle
  • Loss Fat, cut weight current target under 200 LB long term will be decided in the journey
  • Strength Want both bodyweight strength and weight lifting strength
    • Such as a set of 10 pullups
    • deadlift need to research but 1.5-2X bodyweight
  • Apocalypse ninja skills, get back my reasonable level Martial Arts skills (would like to find a place I like that I can spar) (trained 10 years+ and ran a TKD school)
  • endurance for strength, Sparring (if I can get sparring I am happy with), activities with the family


this time:

Diet nutrition first

phase one focus point is food.


Started this week. 

  • Focusing on quality foods, regular servings of Veggies
  • Getting enough protein to maintain and grow lean muscle mass, aiming for close to 30% Protein
  • Tracking, at least for a while to really know calories, Macronutrients, and have a record to look back at


Current Bench targets

  • 1,500 calories per day to create a deficit, will evaluate every two weeks to keep the deficit to reflect workout and bodies acceptance
  • about 30% protein (flex 5%) each way
  • Largest % Carbs, but coming from mainly from Veggies, Bean, etc (minimum grains)


I started Monday so far

I feel good no problem with the calorie level


What my eating looks like:


  • 4 eggs
    • 1-2 cups Veggies(Onions pepers blend)
    • Salsa



  • Banana
  • Whey Protein 30g,
    • with 2 cups Almand milk



  • Black Beans seasoned
    • one serving of Cheddar
    • Salsa
  • Veggies (such as a bag of broccoli, stirfry veggies, California blend)
  • Greek yogurt
  • Some times leaves 100-300 calorie other



Yreka of the weeks: you get calories quick from Bread/pasta and cheese if you don't watch, as I did. This is the big area that got me fat... 


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So far with MON-FRI I am seeing weight loss, expecting to see larger drop early then stabilize over time, aiming for a consistency of about 1LB per week.


Fitness Currently

  • I do regular walking
  • I currently have 15-20 min home, random workout
    • kicks 
    • Jump rope
    • sword
    • Bodyweight strength
    • stretching/yoga
  • Got new Kinect dancing games doing with girls


I may be getting a gym membership soon, will see when and how I fit in.

My planing combination of open advice, having fun, openness to schedule flexibility, and guidance from a friend who I consider a non-credited expert


Workouts with being pushed around based on work


My sister is getting married next month, so we have a few special meals, including a Mexican event tonight (I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD.... ) this will be a mission to not break calorie target with this tonight... and the other special eatings...



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