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Depression fights Countess D'If

Countess D'If

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I think I forgot my pills this morning? I don’t know. . .


But, I have a complaint: yesterday I used google maps to get to a place. Google told me REPEATEDLY that my “destination is on the right.” I circled like six times.  

My destination was NOT on the right. It was on the left. On the other side of the street. I was so mad last night! And I’m actually still pretty mad this morning!

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When I was in Paris walking with my mom and sister going to a random horse store Google Maps declared "You have arrived!" But it showed on the map we were only half way. And no matter what we did it would just not recognize this and help us get us to where we had to go. I had to read the map like a fool lol Peasantry. 

{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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Just reading back through this challenge thread is pretty inspiring, you got up a whole lot of times and did the things even though you were struggling!  I'm seriously blown away, I know how hard it can be to get up and do the stuff when your brain goes on strike.  I'm glad you're feeling more human now!



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Fight your foes in the field, nor be burnt in your house.



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Thanks! It's always so weird when I'm feeling back to Ok to look at things I write when I'm down so far. Depressed Countess and Not Depressed Countess look like the same person and Depressed Countess can fool about 99% of people into thinking she's OK. But holy carp, I am such a different person when I'm depressed. I don't even recognize me.


I can't stress enough how important it is for me get help when you hit the bottom like that. Therapy or counseling, or going to a doctor. Or even just reaching out to friends and family. It's figuring out that I'm a mess and asking for help that takes for ever.

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