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Wii Fit U basic bodyweight strength training

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So, I bought a Wii U (yeah, I know I'm seven years out of date). After my wife saw a second-hand Wii Balance Board for sale, we now have Wii Fit U and we exercise using it every week day. The great thing about Wii Fit is that has the gamification built in. You earn credits by exercising longer. You unlock harder exercises by getting better at the more basic exercises. The Fit Meter is great at encouraging us to walk more.


Anyway, I created a bodyweight strength training routine, based on the Nerd Fitness basic bodyweight strength training routine, using the available Wii Fit U exercises. If anyone else around here has played with Wii Fit, perhaps you could advise me on ways in which this routine could be improved or it could be a starting point for others:


Bodyweight strength training routine


  • Free-step (10-mins) (I do this with hand-weights, planning to level-up to dumbbells this week)

Strength-training (repeat three times):

  • Rowing Squat (instead of bodyweight squat; with hand-weights/dumbbells)
  • Push-up and Side Plank
  • Lunge
  • Single-leg Reach (with hand-weights/dumbbells - this is the closest I could think of to the dumbbell rows)
  • Plank
  • Side-lunge (this is the closest I could think of to Jumping Jacks)
  • Jackknife (just an extra one I threw in for my abs; I do this with hand-weights/dumbbells)


Is this good enough? Would other Wii Fit U exercises be more beneficial?

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