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Survived so far. Got another email from property management to let us know that generators are prohibited too haha. Temp wise it has been fine. Lower in the mornings. Today was around 80 F / 26 C


6 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

So what is going on with these outages? I could understand in the summer when people have A/C going, but why in October?

It seems they are doing it to prevent fires. There is a high wind advisory. So they decided to kill the power in high fire risk areas. Or at least places they could get blamed for starting fires.  https://www.nytimes.com/2019/10/10/business/pge-blackout-questions.html  I'm guessing this will be their new thing. Instead of doing proper maintenance on the lines, just shut off the power to everyone for 5 days. With 1 day notice of course, because that is all anyone needs.


The utility has been found responsible for about two dozen wildfires and filed for bankruptcy protection in January. PG&E has said it could face up to $30 billion in liabilities for fires started by its equipment in recent years.


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Well, in the keep piling it on category, we have my Father-in-law being flown up to a hospital about an hour from us. This last few weeks have been so bad. 


First off, the apartment stuff...


Ok, you know how we had to move all of our belongings into the middle of all the rooms? Then we have had it that way for over a month now. Yeah, we are still sitting here like that, though this week is because of other reasons. They were going to do our bug barrier stuff, but never contacted us to say when. It is normally done on Thursdays. We called the front office and left a message. We emailed. Wednesday night (the 9th) we called and talked to a person up front. They said they will get back to us when they find out. Guess what, they didn't call us back. So Thursday comes, and we hear nothing, so we don't prepare. Then Friday happens, and they come in my place to start the work. I am not at home, I dropped my son off at school. My oldest is at home with the animals. He has no way to gather them up, and be out of the house any time soon. They insist that we have been contacted/notified of this. The same thing they have said the past few weeks when they come to do stuff. We tell them we can't do it on that Friday. No one has contacted us, and we have asked multiple times. The head of maintenance apologizes. He said on person left up front, so he thinks the manager has been super busy with stuff I guess. Either was, they haven't been contacting us. 

Because of us missing that Friday, we now have to wait until the next time 6 months from now. This means we have been living this way all this time for nothing. :mad-new:


We have also been dealing with the other bug treatment every Tuesday. They never contacted us about it either, but we new it was coming every Tuesday.  That has at least been working, and still going on. Probably for another couple of weeks. of that still needed. It is a pain,. but we are dealing with it. One good thing, is the guy that comes on Tuesday was able to do a bug barrier type sweep around the apartment. They said it is good enough until the next barrier treatment.


So we are pretty upset over all this crap. Now at least, they are going old school and giving us letters for notices for when they are coming in. We been in pretty good contact with the head maintenance guy now haha. Also, were are thinking it's time to do the next purge and rearrange stuff around the apartment. Why not, since it is all over the place.


Now for the Father-In-Law...


My Father-In-Law has had some issues recently. Years ago, he had to get a lung removed from the smoking he was doing. Well, now he has a afib issue. They live down south, about 4 hours from us. he went in for a procedure to fix the afib, and they nicked something. That cause him to get an infection as well. So he was staying in the hospital down there. The correction for the afib didn't happen I guess. I don't really know all the detail. But the infection was kicking his ass. They had to get him on a ventilator. That went on for a few days. He seemed to be getting better. They took the ventilator tube out, and he was good for a couple of days.


Then from out of no where, we hear they had to get him back on the ventilator again. Plus it sounded like things got really worse. Suddenly they tell us he is being flown from the hospital down there, to one about an hour from us. Apparently, they need to hook him up to ECMO machine to keep him alive. 


Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. The ECMO machine is similar to the heart-lung by-pass machine used in open-heart surgery. It pumps and oxygenates a patient's blood outside the body, allowing the heart and lungs to rest.


This was last weekend. So we drove over there. Others were coming, but we were the closest there. Things are really bad. So right now, he is on the ECMO to take over his hear and lung functions, they have a dialysis machine to take over kidneys. 


My wife and I wonder what the hell happened, because he was doing fine last we had heard. I guess he was doing fine at the other hospital. Even starting to eat food again. They were having him on an oxygen machine at night while he slept. They didn't want him to pull it off in his sleep, so they used a mask they covers nose and mouth. Well, I guess whatever nurse that night wasn't paying attention. He ended up throwing up in the mask. He almost drowned on his own vomit. This sent him on the downward spiral that he is in now. 


When we saw him, he was heavily sedated. They tried to bring him out, but I don't think he was very responsive.  When we were there last Wednesday, they were talking about getting a cat scan done. My wife and I were thinking maybe they fear there is brain damage. That night we went home. Apparently later on that night, he seemed to be somewhat responding to questions. So we thought maybe he is turning the corner again. It doesn't seem that way now. At least, there hasn't been any other positive news yet. My wife is currently there at the hospital with them again. Will probably be there for a couple of days depending on what is happening. 


So yeah, this last few weeks have sucked really, really badly.


With all that though, I am going to attempt getting myself going again for next challenge. Despite all the shit going on. I am getting tired of being the way I am. I gave in this month. I'm tired of it. 

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Man, I'm so sorry about all that. All. Of. It. Stinks.

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