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Snickie overcommitted herself. Duck.

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I can't remember if I already started a topic for this cycle and I have a headache and don't feel like searching and I give no ducks about style or language today.


Look who's trying to do too many things! That's right, it's Snickie!!!! I don't know what I'm going for here! *shiny overly happy facade slowly begins to crack and chip*


--> Productivity events on my calendar where I'm supposed to just sit down and Do the Things. Mainly the academic things but also household chores things. I keep a list of Things in the notes section of the calendar event.


--> CONTROL THE MUNCHIES. No more sugar. I'm giving myself headaches and prediabetic like symptoms from all the sugary shit I've been eating especially on Thursday nights and at my new job on Fridays. Why is there this much sugar at a doctor's office where half the patients are diabetic? I don't know. Anyway. No more cookies ever starting today (9/21). Max one Larabar per day.


--> Pack your ducking lunch. Buying lunch is expensive. Unless I'm going out con la Madre, pack my own stinking lunch. And plan so I'm not stuffing 3 Larabars in my bag because I didn't give myself time to pack my shit. Duck.


--> PLP on walker rows, walking lunges, and inclined diamond pushups. And go for a ducking walk every now and then.


--> Do the academic shit. On time. I don't know why this needs to be said twice.


--> Do my ducking hobbies that don't involve staring at a screen. Finish crocheting those socks I started last year and abandoned when the weather got warmer. Finish a ducking book. Take out my ducking contact lenses every now and then and read without them. To this end, take a ducking break from fanfiction. Screens are definitely NOT helping the headaches. Grow my forest. Print out shit online that I know I'll need later.


--> Get caught up on my Bible in a Year reading plan. This is on my phone but I can have it read aloud to me while I'm driving so there's not a lot of actual looking at my phone.


*insert gif of repeated headdesking*



UPDATE: In the 38 minutes since the above was posted, I have discovered to have begun womanly issues. A week early. Explains why I woke up without my usual number of ducks to give. Maybe I'll repost when I'm less emotional. I was going to say angry but I've since been subdued which is also no bueno. Kthxbai

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Now that I'm not crabby af, here's a list of actually achievable goals for this challenge cycle (or generally for through the end of October):

  • Schoolwork (0/4)
    • Dynamics - Do at least one third of the problems in the exercises for each section where the first pass at the online homework is 75% or less. (0/1)
    • Chem - Do all the homework. This means doing the reading. (Required: 1/4 to 1/2) (0/3)
    • C - complete through module 7 by 20 October (due in Nov) (0/1)
      • finish course (minus final I suppose) by Thanksgiving.
    • Personal Investments - Don't fail. Do all the work on time. (begins 30 Sept) :indecisiveness:
  • Reading for Fun/Leisure/Fanfic (0/3)
    • Finish Farewell to Manzanar
    • Pick another fun-looking book from the box and read it.
    • Read at least one (1) Christian book (Soul Detox or Whisper)
    • Catch up on my Bible in a Year plan. This one is easier since I have it read aloud to me while I'm driving.
  • Health & Wellness (0/3)
    • PLP Challenge except I already know I'll forget lots so: (0/14)
      • One half of days in the cycle counts as pass (I'm already failing lol)
      • Increment each exercise by at least 1
      • P for incline diamond pushups, L for walking lunges, P for inverted bodyweight rows neutral grip
    • Limit sugar consumption. Really. It's gotten bad. (0/28)
      • Limit one (1) Larabar /day.
      • No cookies/donuts at the office.
      • Limit one (1) cookie or bag of chips at Young Adults.
    • Pack my lunch four (4) days a week unless going in late. A big handful of Larabars does not count. (1/16)
  • Other (0/3)
    • Finish crocheting at least one pair of socks. Can be the wool ones or the acrylic boot socks.
    • Finish getting all the papers out of my closet and off my floor and out of my room so I can get all the papers off my desk.
    • And donate those clothes that have been in the boxes in the corner of my room since forever.
    • Request and gather letters of recommendation for grad school.

*unenthusiastic jazz hands*

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Good (though many) goals. Wish to you that this thread provides a guiding line while you are in the trenches (the office surrounded by sweets).  


Anger can be a powerful emotion to build back up the things that you value or break you down. Seems like you are focusing it towards the good stuff! 


Love the visual of the unenthusiastic jazz hands. Relatable... good luck.

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That's a lotta stuff you got going on this challenge.  I would recommend pairing your over-commitments with a very liberal forgiveness policy if you start to slip on some of those :) 

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It's really four ish things that are subdivided into a lot of different things. My forgiveness system is kind of built in to the larger counters: some things I want 100% compliance while other things I'm okay with as low as 50% (denoted as the second number is lower). It's more about trying to build habits (again, since I can't seem to keep them longer than a few weeks) and keep productively busy. It shouldn't be too difficult for now but it'll get much worse when my grandmother comes down sometime next month. She drains all my energy. I do not enjoy being around her or living with her. And neither does my family. We do it because she's widowed now and mom doesn't want her living alone in winter.

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So the bodyweight exercises I did a month or so ago are paying off...

It's easier to lift the 60 lb wheelchair now...

Like I know I can dead lift 60 lb now if I ever wondered what might be a suitable starting point for that lol. Also front squats.

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