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6 weeks into strength training, hi!

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I'm new to nerdfitness and (re-)started strength training about 6 weeks ago. (Years ago I'd previously done some strength training casually, but only weight machines.)


For the past six weeks I've been using the Fitbod app, which is amazingly helpful. I'm averaging two sessions a week (one upper body, one lower body), about an hour each. And I'm doing way more than weight machines this time around - dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells too! Really enjoying the free weights.


I've made some small changes in my diet and think my diet is pretty good when I'm at home, but it's fallen apart recently when I'm at work. I work from home about half time and am in the office the other 2-3 days per week. When I am in the office, work feels SO stressful with meeting after meeting, putting out fires constantly, and there are always so many snacks around and loads of places with unhealthy meals (fried chicken etc.). Since I have been being healthier with the strength training and better eating at home, I feel like complete rubbish after I binge on work snacks and bad food all day and it is definitely setting me back.


I am not really trying to lose weight as I am happy with my size (5'3'' and about 117 pounds or 53 kgs) but I am looking to be healthier, stronger, and in better shape. And eating healthy is still important for that.


So I'm doing ok with the exercise but need more restraint when dealing with stress-eating at work.


Looking forward to making progress here with the other nerds.

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It's nice when someone who isn't overweight and doesn't exactly have a problem with it still recognized that eating healthy is important either way! I've been doing Nerd Fitness for two weeks now. Training I'm excelling at, healthy eating is...a progress. Not because I'm eating a ton of unhealthy food, but because I don't eat a lot in general. I'm not big on breakfast, but I'm trying to work on having something small and healthy to eat for breakfast anyways. Because I don't eat lunch on my work days because I don't get a lunch break (or any break for that matter) so I currently skip breakfast at least five days a week and I skip lunch all five work days. But sometimes I snack on cucumbers at work because I do food prep at a restaurant. My struggles are different from yours with stress eating, but hey. Food struggles are real, lol.

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Hi! Stress eating is the worst! 

Best suggestions I can give you:

1. Pack a lunch & healthy snacks. 

2. If going out to eat for a meeting, order off the sides menu. I know it sounds crazy, but I can make a meal off of the sides menu. Fair warning: you may get some strange looks...but who cares! You are doing this for you. 

3. No fast food. Fast food is evil.

I love using dumbbells! 


You can do this!

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