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karinajean is a day late and a dollar short

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good morning dears.


wow so I guess this is the final week of the challenge? I'm just going to bag it, obviously. I had such high hopes!


things are going ok.

I'm in boston again today. I came out yesterday for my regular sunday visit and he had to have a lot of CT scans in the afternoon, so I decided to spend the night so I could hear what the docs have to say about the results. I just got here and he's sound asleep so I'm doing some work while I wait for him to wake up and docs to show. Dad's new amputation site looks AMAZING, and hopefully he will continue to heal up really nicely from that. The first amputation site is still kind of rough, he had a really tough time healing from that one and it's hard to make up ground when you're on immune suppressants and are diabetic. the docs are also trying to figure out why he keeps popping a fever, so please keep him (and them) in your thoughts and send them ALL the good healing and science vibes so they can get this straightened out.


I got an email last night from the crossfit peeps wondering where I am. I have a block of workouts and I don't want to lose out on what I've paid for, so after this week I'm pretty much going to have to go to the gym 4x a week to use them all up and I'm not sure how I'll ever fit in all the other sessions I've got. losing essentially 2 weeks kind of wrecks that very carefully planned on-boarding to x-fit lyfe that I purchased.


my work trip was great, but totally exhausting as well. It was a capstone for the leadership training that I've been taking, and we all had to present a leadership promise, so it was a lot of active listening to people who were being very authentic and vulnerable. also, I had a SUPER late night in the hotel bar with my colleages, followed by a 4AM 12-degree fire drill experience outside.


ok typing all this out has helped me sort out this week. revised goals to finish the challenge (that I started late) strong:

* water - drink a lot of it

* sleep - starting today at least, really try for that 9 / 9:30 bedtime

* exercise - planning on W, Th, F exercise party. Thursday may be tricky b/c I have to get to the site for a meeting but if I REALLY hustle I should be able to shower and get there through nj traffic.

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Every healing vibe. Hopefully they're extra strong because I'm broadcasting them from the same city as your dad! 


Hope you get to enjoy your exercise parties this week! 

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