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Starting with new challenges for myself

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Hi everyone!

Im 31 years old living in Estonia. I recently discovered how valuable these forums are and how important our support for each other is. So any tips on how to keep a workout schedule and what kind of mindset to use is most helpful.

My goals are to build a workout lifestyle and to keep it. I hope to also be of help to you guys on your journeys on better self. 

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Pick a workout that you enjoy doing. Creating new habits is hard, and there still my be days where you just don't want to, but it you are doing something you enjoy it is a lot easier to motivate yourself.


Remember , you aren't trying to change everything in a day, small, little changes, doe consistently can add up to a lot of change.

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10 hours ago, enigmaatiline said:

So any tips on how to keep a workout schedule and what kind of mindset to use is most helpful.


Welcome! I think the most important thing, if you're new to fitness, is to find a sport or form of exercise you really love and are intrinsically motivated to do. That means you should try lots of different types of sport and exercise, because you may be surprised by what you end up enjoying most. 

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As people already said - making good habits may be hard, but if you can stick with them long enough, they become your nature. 


When I started working out in late March this year, I found the wall calendar helps me a lot with consistency.


(This is an old photo - now the check marks fill it all the way till now :) )


As I do different things on different days, I use colors for specific workouts: red tick was NF Beginner BodyWeight Workout (2 sets, lower reps), red filled tick/triangle - same workout, but 3 sets with lower reps, green triangle - full (in terms of sets and reps) BBWW.

Later I designed my own routine (blue ticks) and started running program (orange ticks). Now I still use them but additionally I use a notebook to track how many reps I do. But for creating a habit of working out, simple tick (workout done) or X (workout missed) will be enough. 


But remember - If you plan on doing only handful of push-ups/squats every day, you may be good to go daily. But when you strength train, muscle tissue breaks down and need time to regenerate (this way it can grow stronger in preparation for heavier tasks), so don't force yourself to do heavy/demanding workout daily. Better do it 2-3 days a week with off days devoted to mobility, stretching or other light activities.


And about mindset - I find "Hardhat philosophy" resonate with me. And if still in doubt, this article probably cover your questions.

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Not gonna Challenge anymore for now. I took Steve's words and started thinking in days and years. Challenges are just short-term distractions. 


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