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So where to begin?  I'm almost 50 and I have lurked following the blog posts for a few years.  in my thirties I used weight watchers to go from 205 to 153 and enjoyed running 5 miles a day without any effort.  Then I lost my job and went up to 165, Found a job and went up to 185, changed jobs and found crossfit.  Dropped to 165 got strong and felt the best in my life.  Started trying to do eat big lift big (because powerlifting) and increased my lifts but brought my body weight to 195.  Sadness.  So here I am.  I am a ranger.  I love functional fitness and powerlifting.  I've done two meets and hope that Nerd Fitness can get my weight back down and keep my strength up.  My goal is to do two powerlifting meets a year but  I love wandering the Rocky mountains here in CO but my weight makes my knees ache if I try to run too much so I definitely need to drop weight.


So here I am.  Hail and well met fellow travelers.  Oh and if you play ESO or Elite Dangerous and see someone with Wolfhund, wolfhoud, in their name it's probably me (carry over from the 90

's when I GM'ed a Mechwarrior game and let a friend load up with heavy mechs and annihilated him with Wolfhounds.).  Oh and I've been a software tester for over 20 years so my nerdiness is to an extreme but I'm also an artist so I'm just an eclectic mess.  



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Welcome! Congrats on the weight loss and getting fit Have you measured yourself in inches? That might help you figure out how much  weight gain is fat and how much is muscle.

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Thank you for the welcome.  


I haven't measured myself but I'm still wearing size Levis Athletic fit jeans in size 34 and they are comfortable.  Before I did weight lose at 205 (my highest) I was about to go into size 38s (which caused the decision to lose weight way back when).  I should really break out the sewing tape.


As a point of reference two months ago when I was sick with a stomach bug I did 3x3 deadlift @ 300# (competition 1rm was 385# 3 years ago) and squatted 3x4@285# (1rm in comp was 315#).  I can still do a couple pull-ups in a row.  The strength is still mostly there but I need to drop weight (I prefer to do powerlifting meets at a lower weight) and make it so running isn't jarring my knees so much.

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