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Time for a reroll

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Thus spoke the artist formerly known as Dalish.


When I chose Dalish as my username, I picked it to sort of act as a goal point.  It was where I wanted to be, and all of my goals focused around this sort of ideal I had.  Outside in the world, long hikes, as much time rolling around in fields as possible.


Then last year I found out I was allergic to grass pollen, and everything pretty much changed.


I've tried since to keep going and maintain my presence here because I like the community and the accountability.  But I kept seeing the name.  Dalish.  And it felt kind of like a broken promise to myself.  A reminder of plans that had changed and dreams I'd put aside.  I needed a change.


So this time, no promises.  No setting a course for myself without knowing what the obstacles might be.  I'm giving myself the permission I need to explore myself and find my own awesome, without the weight of expectations hanging over my head.

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