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Rebel OR Ranger - here for a freind

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As a Rebel, I am breaking the rules: and posting mid-challenge.



  • Make 1-5  supportive and engaging fitness friends
  • Keep my diet clean
  • Either get better/more real about portions OR/by track calories
  • Be more active Either daily to build habits OR 3-5 times a week to maximize the program.


** Though I see HUGE advantage form S.M.A.R.T ing this I am intentionally keeping it light to reduce underpants collecting and focus on doing/ reporting the battle.


I recently found out my medical insurance offer reimbursement for a gym membership and fees. part of qualifying included a health assessment.  The biggest gap it highlighted was my support network- I am here for a friend (pun/dual meaning intended) Therefore I am casting a wide net to address this.


As a C/S (DISC assessment)  introvert, I am looking for close inquisitive support; check-ins are a huge boost.

** I also want this whole post more fleshed out but secretly thirst to discuss and explore doing that with someone.


The format of FB (specifically NFA) does not offer great support.


I have tried the Accountabilibuddies forum a few times.


These challenge forms have provided good support in the past with a few things I need to get over:
a) I set SMART goals that are not what I really need
b) Find it Difficult to stay in touch regularly  (FB is good at this)


*** Based on my level and objectives fit a bit better in the Rebel forums but... Ranger is more active  and I feel a bit of comradery here (for target 1)




Respawning. Looking to lose weight to get BP and Cholesterol in check.
I have made a massive diet/lifestyle changes over the last 1.5-2 years and am eating very clean.


A few years back I was turned away from donating blood because my thick arms make my vein to hard to get and last month because BP was too high.


A month ago I was turned down for term life insurance (likely BMI and BP)


I have never found a 'big why' that I connect with. Listing to "Level up Your Life" last week I identified that part of it is I have no interest in being adventurous etc.


On a daily or weekly basis, there is not something I can't do, that i could then use as a motivator.


Last week, thanks to a co-worker, I got around my excused for tracking calories. (Vs just managing portions sizes)


Exercise, strength training, is a great fit for my mental health.


I need professional guidance to decide it strength training is needed to help metabolism Or cardio for heart health.


In the past (at college 15 years ago) I did great swimming ~30 min a day. Gym pass is not an issue (as of last week found out insurance does reimbursements) But as a dad of 3, I don't consistently get out of the house.


Early summer, my work did an 'active minutes' challenge. I found that very motivating.





Week #_Food logging: ☐☐☐☐☐ Movement☐☐☐☐☐


Current Challenge


Week #0Food logging: ☑☑☑ Movement☐☐☐☐☐

Week #1Food logging:  Movement☐☐☐☐

Week #2Food logging:  Movement☐☐☐☐☐

Week #3Food logging: ☐☐☐ Movement☐☐☐

Week #4Food logging: ☐☐☐☐☐ Movement☐☐☐☐☐

Previous challenges: #1 #2 #3 #4 #4.5 #5

Level 3 Lycan Ranger

Workout audiobook: Patriot Games

Looking for accountability buddies: Strava My FitnessPal Moov Google Fit


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Welcome! I think it is great to just join in the challenge now and start rather than waiting for next challenge. I've found SMART goals to be helpful at times, but sometimes I find it easier to just think in terms of developing habits and  being intentional

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