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Found a perfect new hike

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Finally after living in my town for 4 years, I've made it out to this local hike 10 kms out from the town. Once upon a time it was a steam train track before they built the tunnel, now it's a cycle trail also good for walking.

2kms along a stream is the old town - not really anything left, and then it's up into the hills and the bush. There are two tunnels i found out, short then long. I just walked to the short one as I wasn't sure. 

My dog was so so happy, so much to smell. I'd bet there will be rabbits up there sometimes, and definitely tonnes of native birds. The song was so loud.

So for now my goal is to walk up there a bunch more often (bonus goal I have to drive there and I'm still learning that)

and then I want to get to both walk right to the other side and back, and also run to the top and back down

pics or it didn't happen ...







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