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Hey there!


I'm new here and wanted to present myself.


My name is Adrien, I'm a 26 years old musician who does many things and work several jobs/hobbies.

I'm active into 3 bands, I do poster designs and artworks, I manage a concert organisation association here in France, I'm also a music festival reporter and there are several little things that I also do on my "free" time (building effect pedals, fixing bikes, etc). 

My BIG WHY here is I've been overweight since I'm 8. Don't know why, except that I used to love chocolate a lot. 

Over my youth, I took several sports. I've done Karate (ended at brown belt), archery (I've been a regional champion in my category), skateboard (that I used to do a lot between 14-19) and running (I used to run for 1h30 when I was 16 and not smoking). Yeah, I'm a smoker too ^^". 

Besides all of that, I've never succeeded in loosing weight and get in the "desired" body shape. I got a bit thinner when I was 16, but I was still "fat" (moobs, waist, tighs), even though I've got the calf and tighs muscle density of an new-zealand's rugby player. 


So now at 26, and with several attempts to loose weight and get in "good shape", I've decided that it was enough. I had to succeed finally, hence why I'm here. 

It's always been a struggle to loose weight for me, as I've got an "over performant metabolism", meaning I gain muscle as easily as I gain fat. So it's always that un-and-down effect you know, of loosing 2/3 kg one months, then gaining back 5. 

Two years ago, I made a severe clinical depression. I got diagnosed type 2 bipolar, and with the medication, I went from 85kg to ~110/115kg. I started seeing a nutritionist to start a change (whom did not really help, in fact he used the Atkins diet, which is not really healthy after all), and started to change my nutrition.
Today I'm mostly vegetarian (I still eat fish some times, and meat when I'm at my grandma's). I think I've got a good balanced diet. I never eat sugar or sugary things (I don't like sugar much), mostly plant based dishes with a bit of olive oil, but I could certainly eat less cheese (even though I only eat low fat cheeses like feta or goat cheese, I still do eat a lot ^^").

I tried several times to get back to running this year, bit as a long-time smoker, it was difficult just to run more than 5 minutes without being out of breath. A friend of mine introduced me to fitness and strength training , and I kinda liked it too, but did not continue on my own.

Then I found this site, and thought that maybe the support or community it brings could help me get less depressed when I look in the mirror, more confident and in waaaaaay better shape than I am. 
Also, I need to bring an end to those torments I got since I'm 8. 


I'll post photos later.


Cheers ;) !

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So, to continue this long journey, and before putting some photos, here are my first epic quests. 


Reasonable future quest list :

I will be someone who'll cheat diet less often in order to keep my progress steady 10 XP

I will be someone who has lost 5kg permanently in order to look good and feel better about myself 30 XP

I will be able to run 30 min in order to be able to breathe normally/get better sleep 25 XP

I will be someone who exercises for 3x1h a week in order to get fitter and stronger 25 XP

I will be someone who'll eat less cheese :'( in order to lose weight 10XP


Scotland's 2020 summer trip:


Prepare a hiking trip to Scotland 25 XP 

Get to hike Scotland with my best friends 15 XP
Take plane tickets and book hostels 10 XP
Look for good hiking gear 10 XP
Organize myself to get free time to go to Scotland 10 XP
Get info about Scotland's hiking place and trails 10 XP



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So here it is, some pictures of me. 
I never really liked my body, and those are kinda the first pictures I take in such a way. 
I know I'm not hugely fat, but there's something to do either way. Also I know my back could benefit from standing right more often ^^".
The objective here is to loose some belly, pectoral and tigh fat.






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