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There and Back Again, a Seven's Journey

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 So here we are, after an absence of years, I have come home to where most of it began. Since last treading these boards, we have had success and failure, death and new life, summer, winter, autumn and spring, lost religion found a new one, and just recently cut people from my life who although family were extremely toxic. 

I am back in here to find my motivation, my mojo, my tribe. I have signed up for my 3rd novice powerlifting meet and need to find some like minded people, as there is no one remotely close in physical proximity that lifts like I did/do/want to.

To new beginnings and finding old acquaintences! 

G'day and Cheers :encouragement:

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Wait! What............?

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2 hours ago, SevenofSeven said:

need to find some like minded people, as there is no one remotely close in physical proximity

I feel you on this one. I'm in Poland and my running buddy is in Singapore. Funny how technology makes that possible :) 


To the new beginnings! :encouragement:

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I absolutely CAN run on caffeine and hatred. But only with a dash of milk.

Challenges' status: 


Not gonna Challenge anymore for now. I took Steve's words and started thinking in days and years. Challenges are just short-term distractions. 


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Other activities: Bike build

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