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Quinn tries to focus

Quirky Quinn

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22 hours ago, The Hero of Time said:


Well done, QQ. I'm jealous of your running progress and your consistency is really quite impressive.


I was starting to reach similar conclusions about focus, today. My challenge seems to have too many things pulling in different directions. You've done the right thing by narrowing your focus and concentrating on the most important stuff.

Thanks Hero,


I think that giving myself a tangible goal and knowing that I need to get out to achieve it has really helped me to focus over these last six weeks.  

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Yesterday was (probably, I may get out Sunday) the last chance I would have to go running this challenge, I was keen to set a good time and lay down a marker to my future self in terms of a benchmark to aspire to.  I wanted to give it as much as I could, pushing hard and getting a good result.  But I was shattered!  I mentioned in yesterdays update that for some reason, after going for a 3 hour walk and then football training on Wednesday I felt tired on Thursday, I wonder why...


Anyway I tried to take it fairly easy during the day yesterday and even allowed myself a flapjack with my lunch! I felt like a black hole!  I could've consumed anything that came within my gravitational field but I managed to hold off until I got home.  At work I did manage to get out for a short walk but I didn't spend much time standing and only squatted for 15 mins.  


When I got home I knew I was going to get out for my run.  I grabbed a protien bar and did my usual trick of getting changed out of my work clothes and into my workout clothes so I didn't have that excuse.  At about 6.30 I saw my gap and made a run for it (litterally!). 


I set off and was going pretty well, I've been focusing on really activating my quads whilst running, lifting my knees higher rather than just swinging my legs, it was working.  The voice in my ear said: 1KM 5:13 that was ahead, I knew each KM had to be on or around 5m45s to get the time I wanted. 


KM2 & KM3 were hard, really hard.  The fatigue I had been feeling had caught up with me but I tried hard to keep going KM2 - 5m53, c'mon needs to be quicker  KM3 - 5m56 not good enough, I needed to pull my finger out but I also knew the hardest parts of the run were behind me.


KM4, raise those knees, keep going... 5m37 back on track.


KM5, was super hard.  Uphill, through the town, on dead leaves but keep pushing, no traffic stopping me at the cross roads so straight on, carry on, those last 400 mtrs and push hard to make the time as good as possible... 5m39s..




28m22 secs is 30 secs off my previous PB.  I'm pleased 1) that I got my arse out and did it and 2) that I under the 28.30 I had privately set as a goal for myself.  


That means that since the start of this challenge I have gone from 34m44s for 5k to 28m22s.  I know I have kept banging on about this and that it gets a bit boring after a while but I am so pleased with myself!  I feel fitter, stronger and like I have made some really positive strides towards a healthier future for myself, I have a platform I can build on for future challeneges and a good solid base to push my endurance target forward in future challenges.


I don't want to go into too much detail now as I will do a wrap up post on Monday for the challeneg and talk about whats next in there..


Have a great weekend everyone!  And Happy Thanksgivng to all you Americans out there!


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I had a fairly chilled out weekend in the end.  Football was cancelled as overnight Saturday the ground froze rock hard and there was no way it was safe to play on the pitch.  I took it easy, took LQ to swimming and then to play on the park.  Got home, watched TV, made dinner whilst MrsQ & LQ put up Christmas Decs and settled in to watch The Irishman which was so long!  I thought it was good, but it was very much a paint by numbers Scorcese film.  DeNiro, Pachino, Pesci were all fantastic as you would expect but it did feel like one last hurrah for them all.  


Sunday I took LQ out for a walk in the morning and then my Brother came over for a little while, and then we had dinner.  That's about it.


I did notice that over the course of teh weekend I made bad food choices over and over again.  I think the start of the Christmas season made me feel like its indulgence time and I need to get over that fairly sharpish.  Being back at work today will help the routine and I think my Christmas challenge will be similar to everyone else's in that it will be less about pushing forward with goals and more about consolidating and maintaining progress made so far.



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So my first real challenge done, I wanted to write a quick summary of what has gone well and not so well for ease when I come back here in the future.


Whats worked

Having set goals to aspire to has really helped this challenge.  I have set goals in 5 different areas and all are achieveable but tough.  Some will be handled in one challenge and some will take many but that's OK.  I think the most important thing though is that I gave myself one main focus in the challenge and as long as I was progressing in that area the other stuff I saw as supplemental rather than required.  I think that really helped to focus me and meant I felt OK as long as I had done what I have prioritised during the challenge.


Ensuring that I have been as active as possible during my work day, I have now incorporated staying stood up at my desk for as long as possible, squatting for at least half an hour each day and a 15miniute walk outside into my schedule.  These things feel like they have become habits and that is definately a good thing.  When I do not stay active during the day I get stiff and I also find it harder to do things in the evening.  It also helps me to stay productive during the work day as well.  These things now should be taken as a given and no need to add them to future challeneges as they should just be getting done.


Eating three meals per day without snacking.  I think overall I have been very good with this during the challenge (6 weeks for me as I started during reading week).  I have lost 13lbs over the last 6 weeks and that is great progress.  I think I have started to slack in the last couple of weeks and I need to remain strict where I can and not start trying to justify poor choices.


What's not worked


I haven't had a good weekend plan when I have not had football or it's been cancelled.  Early on in the challenge I came across this problem and said I needed to do something about it but didn't and this last weekend the same thing happened and I slacked off again.  I need to put those plans in place.


Suplmental work, although as I said above suplemental work shoudl be suplemental I'd have liked to have gotten a little more done than I did, especially streching and recovery work.



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