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TGP voyages to the Edge of the Map!

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I'm HERE and am going to join you guys again on this new challenge.


unfortunately, I think this is all the time I can spare to say hello and get into the conversation.  I will say more about my bold thoughts of further voyages, in the guise of my fictional avatar, SKIP.


but suffice it to say, I see some friends have already written and more will no doubt soon arrive.


Lets all meet at that familiar (and fictional) Inn and have a brew catching up on recent adventures!

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Oh man


I'm gonna make up a fictional character to holler motivational phrases at yours from the trees, and maybe set your feet on fire when you think you can't do any more epic runs...


(In a safe way, of course~)





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yeah, don't worry about that


when you as OLD as am I... ha


anyways.  you never get over the fun of getting something.

... anyways, right now it seems like a neat toy - and I'm trying to understand differences with my old watch


Tomarrow morning should be really its first real use.

I want to go out tomarrow; run and run to a lowish heart rate. 


thats if I can, however.  I have eyes on a new dirt road to try and not sure how steep and rugged it will be



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the line in yellow is (hopefully) the right route.  its a Little vague on the satellite view... but hopefully that route will be a good dependable dirt road up into the woods near my house/town.

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Ooooo GPS WATCH! How rad!!


Is today your birthday?  Or did we miss it??


Either way......


HAPPY DAY!!!!!! ^________________^

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OMGoodness I'm startled out of silence!



and anyways.

I've ALWAYS had a soft spot for Mr Bean- my british avatar I'd swear!


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skip was Shocked even aghast.

"you not... your not staying with me? I need you"


Benyon looked a little comfortable, and momentarily not quite sure how to say.  "Skip..." he began.  "you've been a brave lad, you made a few trades- perhaps earned less than you might... but your really ARE OK.   When I took you, you knew nothing of this life and yet you Were brave enough to be here Anyway!... you've not done perfect but you've done wonderfully- you've learned to be safe and more conscientious.  you don't NEED me. but when you do; I'll be close..."


skip could not answer to that. he could only keep coming to it; like a tooth had been pulled and you keep straining to feel.  he might not of needed Benyon. but he Wanted HIM; skip would give all the tiny profit he had earned to keep his mentor close.  instead he could only ask, "where will you go....and where do I GO?"


benyon looked shrewedly at skip and briefly considered it. "skip; your at the Edge of the map; the edge of YOUR map.  the end of your little province, but out here is a bigger land then you possibly could imagine.  I want you to head to the capital; I've got agents there that will transfer some gold and new instructions when you get that.  but your not QUITE ready for the direct road.  take the road to the South through that province and stop through each of the inns along the way.  I'll give you a travelling amount of wealth; and we well stocked with tradeables.  any of the folk at the inn know how to get in tough with me, and each will let you stay if you need me."


"Remember what you have been taught and it was a privilege for your service."

skip sensed that the moment was coming and felt himself tense up.

"Don't be sad, skip, we'll meet again.  you've gained so much and done so well!  you much further along then you know."


and that was it; benyon style he seemed dissapeared after that.  Skip Had gotten use to seeing benyon come and go; it WAS he way.  but he was always close and so wise, so supportive.


he kind of felt like crying; but then strange feeling came.  maybe it was a silent gift from his mentor,  a sort of conviction and determination to see it through and prove to benyon that he COULD do it.


if This was the Edge of skip's map- as benyon said- it was time to make a NEW map....

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Good morning.


I had this narrative in mind when I started the challenge; but today it was actually Really good timing.


this morning I went exactly to the place I posted.  but the road was far more intricate then I expected...

I can honestly say I was a bit confused in several places  and while I came out on the same road I went in on- there were many roads that were not explored and two deadends that did confuse me


attached is my gps track  where you see me get to place and turn around that road kept on going, and needs further exploration.  another road intersection happens just east of "7", I did not mark it.  that makes for four roads that needs exploring , and espacially the one near "8"...  in time I would really like to memorize the best path from the beginning of my route to the "forestry road" marked on the map.  That road comes out in  a place near morrison close to where my other runs have been.




Another new feature of my run has been a constant readout of my heart rate!


this being wednesday I wanted to make it more athletic and strive for a harder effort than most of my recent runs.  I don't want to do that often, just once at most twice a week.


out of a 1.5 hour run; I spent 20 minutes in heart rate zone2, 39minutes in zone 3 and 27minutes in zone 4.


thats good!  I'm pretty sure that qualifies as a nice athletic effort.



whats the symbollism of "benyon leaving skip?" you ask.


I still think insight will occur to me; but I think new times are upon me; I can do harder things that I was doing.  I can build on my program and do More of my own thing than I was attempting to do.


I had a set and simple program before; know I want to make it more bold, ambitious and flexible.  I need to be conscientious about time - to get more exercise in, and I need to be there for my family and my job ofc.


but winter is coming and things are gonna get harder.


as benyon said himself, he can be reached and he will drop by skip from time to time.


but skip need to be less of a dunce then he's been.  and more of the hero in his story.

I have a marathon a long ways ahead.


big challenges await!

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digging into the topo maps some I found some very interesting maps of the dirt roads back here


... and you guessed it

this whole area is like literally the boundary of one map to another (clarendon-> warren)


you know I've wandered ALL my life

and still I struggle with the issue that all detailed topo maps END


if you go any distance you've got to prepared with the next.


that said; I didn't run with a map.  it would have been hard since most my morning run is now in the dark.  my sense of reckoning and basic geographic information (where all the valley's go for example) are whats keeping me from getting lost.


attached is the roads in the far west (I generally went west then returned)

what a mess!


I was on 438B and 438C and am trying to get to 253




in the middle showing my course you might wonder about the "white" road.


if Only it were THAT easy.  there are a lot more roads up in the other valley. (and HOW come these valleys/streams don't have names!? )  it may be more straitforward to try to go up THAT valley (to get to 253)?


alternately if 248 is the road I think it is; I may know where that comes out in clarendon.


todays run leaves lots for lots of figuring on followup run.  I've been trying to go to a different dirt road each day; but I'm getting a little worried I will soon forget what I have learned with all these twists and turns and mazelike roads.



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its Already Friday...

WOWZERS where did the time go!?  I'd swear it was just here a minute ago?


anyways. the challenge is soon GOING LIVE!

(in honor of you, Shaar!...




I don't even know what that means!?  but I like the guys snickering in the background.  all kinds of double entendre happening!



anyways.  Nice athletic weekend Planned; or at least that What I expect!


NOT good, but I learned that my Dad felt really bad and went to the ER.  he thought he might be having a heart attack.

they news was much better than that...

he's healthy but SOMETHINGs going on!


anyways he has a Whole bunch of wood that he just shouldn't cut up on his own, so I running off to help him (to the extent that I can) on saturday morning.


and ofc, I had my MOrning run today- hopefully another one on Sunday


and then at the begginning of week1.  another morning run



my "sleep" capabilities of my watch are just starting to get interesting!

and they are saying that recently; I've been getting (mostly) enough sleep (except last night)... but that even then that sleep was not overly interrupted and reasonably restful.


in several MORE days- there will be enough data to indicate athletic recovery and particularly whether via its algorithms I am giving my workouts sufficient recovery time.


I think the answer to the latter is... Yes.  but only because most of recent runs have been VERY slow and with minimal physical pushing (with Low Heart rates to prove it!).


this seems very important to me right now

I have NO races scheduled, I'm still maybe recovering from the half marathon (though I feel great running these days), and heading into the offseason.


within a couple months I expect the  weather to make all this outside running much harder and I will surely have to cut back.


but just for the record, I do NOT intend to stop/pause or interupt my program over the winter.


I ran through the 2017/2018 winter as a NEWBY runner; and I can do so again.


in the worst of the winter weather I can retreat to the YMCA inclined track or (dread!) do a treadmill.


the thought of the latter makes me cringe; for dreadmills (err Treadmills) are SO BORING!


but maybe this will be a prompt to listen to music.


I'm also thinking alot of being more serious about crosstraining.  there is a pool and lots of stationary bikes (rowing/weights/etc) at the same YMCA.

maybe it  doesn't HAVE to be such a Purist affection for running...


AM I A ranger or NOT!?

wait don't answer that question.

I'm stuck to this guild EVEN if I'm too obsessed for my own good.   after all I remember enough yoga to show my son the sun salutation the other day!

ok, enough for now.  


everyone, enjoy your weekend!

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11 minutes ago, TGP said:

to show my son the sun salutation

HA! Did it just couple days ago :)


Cheers to your Dad, I hope this "something" isn't serious.

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its everything from Too much caffeine (less serious)  to something like chronic lyme's disease.


the honest reality of this....and I do HOPE i'm wrong...


it may Not be figured out at all.  Doctors LOVE to give labels- they fuel a huge Bureaucratic (and not very effective) industry.


but that doesn't mean they have to be insightful.    I've seen a LOT Of people get names for vague symptoms without a lot of relief from pharmaceuticals... 


....  anyways. I'm very happy to hear that nothing came of a lot of testing at the ER.  they ruled out many debilitating problems.  he's Cardiac system is in Excellent health (given his age!)


he will, I think, have to mentally adjust to the fact that this means he has got to be more aware of his limitations.  he's 75.


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I'm glad they ruled out the big ones, but you are probably right.  If it isn't something they can diagnose in a couple days, they really are just guessing at that point.  Tell your dad to take care of himself and hopefully he feels 100% soon.


As for that map... are you sure it is a roads map?  Because it looks more like 50 pens fell in the bag with the topography map.  Good on you if you can begin to untangle that!

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