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Starpuck Returns to UA Academy

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Well, nothing is more inspiring than anime, amirite?    With a new season of My Hero Academia released,  I figure that'll get me all hyped for a new challenge theme.

So without further ado...


“If you wanna stop this, then stand up!  Because I’ve got one thing to say to you.

Never forget who you want to become!”

-Shoto Todoroki





Goal #1 Train Like Deku

I often feel like I got handed the controller with the game difficulty set to extreme mode.   If that's the case, then Deku started his journey on Nightmare mode.  


“I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise..."



Consistent, intentional movement is essential for health, weight-maintenance, strength, and general ease of doing life things!    With 6 years of NF experience under my belt, I know what works best for me based off past challenges.   The new twist is to take it as slow as a I need it.   Gains will come at their own pace.   Doing the thing for the simple reason of "it's good to do it and my body will thank me" is enough.


Track:  Move 5x/week  2-3 must be strength days.  

Other days can be ANYTHING, even just a leisurely walk, or hike, or yoga/stretching.



Goal #2  Be Cool and Composed like Todoroki (when it comes to food)

I too quickly lose my composure when it comes to foods I like.   I need to be more collected and thoughtful with it.   Hah, every time I am about to go stupid on food, I will picture this look from Todoroki.


“Get a hold of yourself, you’re an adult aren’t you?”



I did very well last year Sep-Jan by doing two things.   Cooking at my friends house for every night we had D&D or gaming, and making sure to then use those left overs on a subsequent night.   And also calorie tracking.     I don't feel I'm in the best place mentally to count calories again just yet, so we're doing a 1-2 week 'Don't Eat Like a Dick' mode of tracking food where I will update my daily meals and make mention if I went 'bingey' or not.   If I feel like that is working and I see the first hints of progress, I'll stick with it.   If it doesn't curb my game night fiascos, then weeks 3-5 will go back to tracking in MFP.


TRACK Keep a food log daily (concise/simple)

If binging still a problem by end of week two, Weeks 3-5 track calories 6/7 days.



Goal 3 - Create like Yaororozu!

Keep up the creating of things.   The more I work on it, the more I'll be able to create.


"We should always start with the basics to develop depth of learning.  We must strive to devote ourselves wholeheartedly."



I love doing art.   I've been on a great streak with #inktober - but I don't like putting in honest work sometimes... it's easy for me to look at a reference picture and just draw and tweak it for my own.   I had been gaining progress and skill on drawing totally free form before I stopped going through the lessons and tutorials on Udemy.    So, take Momo's advise here and get back to the basics.  I have 3-4 courses I can work through and I want to do that and keep in better practice!


TRACK :  Maintain #inktober until the end of the month.    

Remaining weeks:  1-2 lessons/week;   art practice /doodles 3X/week



And that's it for hard goals.   I've not completed a challenge in a while, so we're not going overboard with this.   Food and exercise getting back under real control is the priority here.    Art has been great for me mentally lately, and so that makes it on the board as well.    I will probably set some weekly "to do" list type goals, and re-tweak finance stuff going into the new year, but these are the focus.



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23 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

More Puck Art! Following!

I might actually make it through all of #inktober!  Hah.


22 hours ago, GoodDoug said:

Following my art heart by following you!

Awww!  Glad to have you!


22 hours ago, Kestrel Grey said:

Following in superfan mode!


YUS!! Excitable young Midoriya!  Thanks!!


19 hours ago, Cheetah said:

Following.  Happy Challenge!


Also your Inktober art has been amazing!  Keep up the good work!

Thank you Cheetah!


15 hours ago, DarK_RaideR said:

Clueless as to the whole anime thing, but following nonetheless!

Haha, what great support pals!   Thanks boss.   (I often feel the same way on the wrestling stuff. ;) hehe.)


6 hours ago, GoodDoug said:

I was going to title my challenge "Top 10 anime betrayals!" but then came to my senses.

OMG... brutal!      I'd have to <spoiler> myself from half your stuff if you did that I bet!



Crazy day at work today.   Good thing it's zero week because I foresee some Corona's in my dinner plans tonight.      But noteworthy things accomplished today...


Scheduled a meeting with my realtor on Monday the 28th.

Scheduled an hour massage with a brand new person (never met) for Wed the 30th.   (Friend of a friend, who is apparently a gamer chick, so BOOM!  Totes sold it on me.)


Some art should happen tonight, and maybe *maybe* some dancing.  But probably not.   Need brain healing from work.

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Ooh, beer recommendations.


You could also try Pacifico, IIRC it’s similar. If you want to get fancy try Ska Brewing Mexican Lager, if you want to save money there’s Bud Light Lime. If you happen to go to Utah have a Salt Flats Brewing Mexican Ale, it’s really good.


Or, don’t listen to us and keep drinking what you already like.


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I love suggestions!!   Confession moment - it was a Corona Refresca, lol.   Still damn tasty.     Totally not 'beer' lol.   And yeah, I do Bud Light Orange's as my casual beer of choice since the calories won't TOTALLY kill me.   Hehe.


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Following!! Also, I need to watch My Hero Academia...and I'm pretty sure I said this the last time you did a themed challenge with MHA lol. 



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Yesterday ended not terrible as far as things go.  I had some indulgences I will need to cut back on going forward, but I didn't totally eat my feelings into oblivion.     I also managed to get changed and do some Dance Central for 45 minutes to get a sweat going, then stretched and foam rolled.


Today - lost cause.   Work wife brought me a big old mocha iced coffee from DD to make up for how bad it was covering for her yesterday.   Annnnd, we're having an Employee Appreciation Day with pizza and desserts.  Aarggh!


I WILL be making dinner at friends house before gaming starts, but I also know that donuts are being brought over for snacks heh.   Ah well.     Consider it a last hoorah before next week gets tightened up a bit.


- To do today  -

  • Fill out weekly calendar leading to end of month.
  • Get bujo ready.
  • Outline career advances for Warhammer FRP game tonight.
  • #inktober "dizzy"


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2 hours ago, Starpuck said:

Consider it a last hoorah before next week gets tightened up a bit.

The best way to clear the house of junky food is to eat it all in one big binge, right? What could go wrong with that? ;) 

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Ok, as expected, the last few days have not been... remotely okay with food intake.     I am hoping to really getting back on a better track tomorrow.    I have nothing planned this weekend other than helping get the house winterized.   I should also do some meaty D&D prep, but I've been struggling with the creator brain.  


That said, I owe a few updates on the #inktober crawl!


No clue on this one; the prompts are weird lately.  This was 'ancient'.   So, an ancient arcane artifact, in an old abandoned room?  I dunno!



This one was, "Dizzy".   Brain process went, 'dizzy - spinning - head spinning!  Cross eyed from dizziness, omg, siamese cat!'    And then of course, it's the familiar of some quirky D&D character. ;)



And this one was pretty fun actually, because I got to try a whole different type of shading technique for pens and ink.  The squiggle.   Prompt was Tasty.  

And yes... I have had way too many of these for real this week.



Tomorrow's prompt is 'dark' and I think I might do a thing inspired by the anime Fire Force.   We'll see...  :)       I am also getting my new BuJo in tomorrow and plan to get that all filled out.   Phew.    Next week is gonna be so tough guys.



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Brief update for the weekend.    Getting ready to set  my game face on tomorrow, but it comes with an extra boss on the battlefield.   


Spoilered for sensitive subject. [Death related]


I got word last night, that a teammate and friend had committed suicide.  I took it, at first, with rationalized indifference?   We weren't THAT close.   We didn't interact outside of hockey really, and I couldn't tell you the last time I spoke with him since I've not been skating as much lately.   But then seeing all the hurt across the facebook posts, and the final shouts of love.   He was a really good guy.   A guy who always made sure the unaccounted had a place at his house for Thanksgiving.   The guy who said call if you need something.   I didn't rely on him for those things, but he offered.   And he inspired me in the way he reached out to the hockey community.   He'd had a rough go of it for a while.    A relationship coming to an abrupt end.  A granddaughter who didn't survive birth.  And a health diagnosis that struck him to the core.   Most of us didn't see it coming because he was still, always the guy looking out for the other person.   Now I'm processing it.    I hurt for those left behind.   That's always been my thing when people pass.   (And why I hate watching sad anime.)   I wish I could help them.   Convince them the guilt is not theirs to bear.   Promise them there is hope even beyond this.   But words are empty.  I know the source that can patch their hearts, but I don't know how best to share that with them.    I just know, I want to be more there for people.   


Today I went to church and then came home to get the yard winterized.  (Do you Texas people even have to do that?)

I still need to draw yesterday's #inktober and get today's done as well.

I plan on making pumpkin chili for dinner at the gaming den- and it's really bright and sunny, and it's our last day with a high above 50 for the foreseeable future- so some pretty fall picture taking could be nice.    Dunno that I have time for all of that though.


Tomorrow starts the new challenge and I am still dealing with all sorts of weird aching body parts.   If there was such thing as a 'muscle infection' I'd swear I was dealing with that, as various parts, for no reason, are turning sore and cranky out of the blue.    I have my massage on Wed and maybe that will be a good starting point on recovery.   My recovery days, I think will be yoga if I can get back to committing to that.  Food, though, will be my biggest focus.   You can't outrun your fork and all that.


Alright, better get to it.




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Sorry about the teammate. It's hard to want to help the hurting and not know how.


2 hours ago, Starpuck said:

Today I went to church and then came home to get the yard winterized.  (Do you Texas people even have to do that?)

Winterize my yard? I don't even have to winterize my house.

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Official Day 1 and I feel like crud.






Rot gut. (My stomach is pissed about something from yesterday.)   Going to eat pretty chill.

No lift/cardio today due to above issue + two really twingy/critical muscle spots.  *Might* do yoga later.

Need to get my BuJo filled out- my new 8x11.5 sized dot journal showed up so I can fill that in now.

I did catch up on #inktober - just need to do one today.  Plenty of time for that.

Meeting with realtor after work- both excited and nervous.   But I keep telling myself, there is literally, absolutely, ZERO reason to be nervous about this step.


#inktober pics from Sat/Sun.   "Dark" & "Coat"

Drew an infernal from the anime Fire Force, and then a generic coat of arms, because aaagggh trying to catch up.





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