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Hi everyone!


I just wondered what to take for breakfast now. 

I'm usually a peckish eater in the morning : 1 or 2 toast with buter, jam or cottage cheese (the last one's more usual) + coffee.

In the morning I'm usually not a fan of yogurt or cold food either, nor of warm food. Lukewarm, tasty, simple.

I'm also very lazy in the morning to cook anything "complex" (I mean besides an omelet), so all the recommended breakfast recipes of the classes pages don't suit me.

I'm also more of a salty person that a sweet person. 


Would you have any recommendation or ideas for a dietetic breakfast that has some taste ?
I thought of preparing buckwheat pancakes dough, so that I only have to pan a pancake in the morning, as buckwheat is pretty low calory and gluten. Maybe mixed with some other things.


Any ideas ?



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I'm kind of stumped by the neither hot nor cold requirement :) 

I favour oats cooked in milk with some berries and honey, scrambled eggs with wilted leafy greens, soft boiled eggs on toast with tomatoes or avocado, or leftovers. 


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Alright, I'm just spitballing here, but what about:
Avocado toast
Or just toast with peanut butter, jam, or whatever else you like
Fresh fruit, like a banana or something
Hash browns (if you can make them without too much oil)

Muesli with plant-based milk

If you're vegetarian, I feel like eggs opens up a lot of options. Hard boiled eggs might be the easiest, since you can prep some for the week. Huevos rancheros is on the more complicated end of the spectrum, but it's seriously delicious.


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