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Aquarii: Pivot


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On 11/26/2019 at 12:15 PM, Elastigirl said:

Woohoo for sticking with the challenge an for figuring out what you need to do to make your goals work for you. For me, one of the biggest things was allowing myself to change a goal a bit if it wasn't working. This challenge , I ended up dropping a goal, guilt free, when I realized it was just too much right now


It is amazing how powerful choice and control is for some people. I know it was a significant player in this challenge for myself.


On 11/26/2019 at 10:10 PM, GoodDoug said:

I agree with Elastigirl here. And I also think you hit the nail on the head when you talked about posting here keeping you accountable. I find that posting is often a good motivator... I want to report a success, dammit! But I also learn a lot from posting the failures as well.


Great job sticking with it.


Thanks :) I tend to be kind of on the fence about the whole accountability thing, especially public accountability. I know for some people publicly posting for accountability is extremely useful, but studies have shown it can also be very detrimental to some. Apparently posting about a goal can give some people positive feedback that somewhat mirrors the type of feedback they are looking for by actually accomplishing the goal. And because they receive that feedback award in the beginning, they feel less motivated to actually follow through with the goal. I know I have done well when just a couple people know my goals (but I don't usually ask them to hold me accountable), I have yet to really explore how I personally respond to public accountability. It seems to have gone pretty well this challenge though.


On 11/27/2019 at 2:37 AM, Quirky Quinn said:

Great work going on in here, I love how you mention that keeping up with one good habit has allowed you to cultivate others (Skincare to Teeth!)


Just goes to show that mindset is king!


Yeah, I love it! I kind of structured it around James Clear's concepts of habit stacking and keystone habits. I use washing my face as a keystone habit that cues a myriad of other morning and evening habits. Right now that stack includes skin, teeth, and hair, but I would love to blow it out more to maybe include a few other things moving forward. I am happy with how far I have come with it so far. I have been trying to get into a good twice-daily teeth brushing and flossing routine for YEARS and could never quite get it to stick. But now with minimal effort, it is quickly becoming a habit that feels weird when I DON'T do it.




I guess it is time for a final recap for the challenge:


Intermittent Fasting during the workweek

As I mentioned in my last post, I took a few days off from doing this strictly for Thanksgiving, since I was traveling and eating with extended family so much. I don't think I will have any trouble jumping back into it on Monday though. I have found the 14:10 eating window gives me the flexibility I need to be consistent, but I often find myself easily falling within a smaller window on days that require less flexibility. 


Twice-daily skincare routine

This has become so consistent that it is pretty easy to do now. I missed one morning while traveling and it felt so weird. Even when I don't really feel like taking the time to do it, I still just do it because it really doesn't take much willpower to force myself into anymore.


Maintain 3x daily walks

Ok, this one I definitely dropped the ball on a little more. I still made sure I got in at least two walks per day every single day, but only made it to the full three maybe half the time. I think I may switch to twice per day going forward, especially since I plan on getting a gym membership in a few days anyway. 


Maintain dance classes through end of term

I missed one of the classes because of terrible weather, but other than that, stuck to this one for the entire challenge. I struggled with motivation on this one. It was two hours of dance after work. By the time I was done with work, I just really didn't feel like going. But, once I was there, I had a good time most days. It was good mental training for the gym. I know I will be in the same boat once I get my membership, since my plan is to work out with my husband after we both get off work.


Finish 2 Books

Finished 3 books, which leaves me with just ONE MORE BOOK TO HIT MY NEW YEARS GOAL!! Which I started today. I am now just 300 pages away from completing my goal of 30 books in a year.

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Congrats on a good challenge and on reading 30 books for the year!


I forget who,  I think it may have been @Kestrel Grey who did a challenge with two known goals and two hidden goal to see which was most effective for her. Really interesting. For me,  I feel much more accountable posting the goal and actually working toward it.

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15 hours ago, Elastigirl said:


I forget who,  I think it may have been @Kestrel Grey who did a challenge with two known goals and two hidden goal to see which was most effective for her. Really interesting. For me,  I feel much more accountable posting the goal and actually working toward it.

That's right! I had forgotten about that (probably I should make time this month to review my former challenges).


James Clear has some great articles. 

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