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TiogaGirl Tracks, Moves, and Sleeps


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Well. this is about the most boring sounding challenge imaginable!!

None of these are rocket science, but each of them makes my life better when I do them. Trying to grease the groove to solidify each as a habit. If I can get these down by year’s end, then 2020 is wide open for more out-there challenges!


Track / eat better:

  • Weeks 1 and 2, track everything in MFP. Weeks 3-5, get better: work on hitting deficit, or improving macros, or even just the timing (hard look at YOU, snacking after 9 pm). [3 points / day]
  • 96 oz water (herbal tea counts towards this) [1 point/day]
  • stay off the booze! [1 point/day]



  • lift (at gym) _or_ do several short bursts of things (physio exercises, stretches, kettlebell mini routines). [2 points/day]
  • 12 000 steps [1 point/day]



  • Up by 6:00 [1 point/day]
  • In bed, lights out, screens off by 10:30 [2 points/day]


Checking in:

  • Update here on the regular [1 point/day] <— because the wheels seem to fall off my challenges when I forget about the accountability part!


Will update when I figure out an appropriate scoring rubric and, critically, prizes to be won!




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Oh man, I need a do over! Thank goodness tomorrow starts a fresh new week with no mistakes in it yet.

Work has been crazypants, but that is kind of to be expected this time of the academic year. Anyway, today I:

  • Tracked food! :D  Over mfp’s recommended cals by rather a lot, but baby steps, baby steps. Macros were pretty good.
  • drank lots of water, but didn’t track so not sure exactly whether I hit goal
  • no alcohol, but last nite I had TWO big ol glasses of wine, eek (lightweight here)
  • About 20 000 steps, yay, but no lifting or stretching, boo
  • wine last night messed with my sleep so I was NOT up by 6. Definitely on track to be asleep by 1030 tonight though
  • Update: here I am!
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LOL I’ll take bonus points where I can get ‘em! Thanks sloth :)

Time change was my friend today and helped me get rested up and mostly over the cold that I’ve been battling. Felt so much better that I busted out a bunch of kettlebells, walked the dogs, practiced some piano ... and then it was STILL only 9:30 am so went for a long ride with my cycling group! I had ceremonially retired my bike for the winter, but couldn’t resist the thought of zooming along the river trails in the sunshine. It was coooooold, reminding me why I had put away the bike, but felt great too. And saw a young deer buck swimming across the river, which was pretty cool. We waited to check that he made it safely across, then zoomed home, where my awesome hubs had heated up Saudi chicken for my lunch <3

Now chillin’ on the couch, chugging herbal tea to warm up, and will run out to yin yoga later this afternoon. Bliss :)


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WHAT a great weekend. I was still recovering from a nasty cold, but I think I scored enough sleep to knock it on its ass. And had mini-rehearsal with my show choir group; fire in the fireplace on Sat; frostbike ride on Sun followed by a cozy nap on the couch surrounded by the sounds of son’s RPG group and better half’s NFL game. I’m always amazed how nice a weekend one can have if you aren’t trying desperately to catch up on work!


Come, Mr Tallyman:

  • Tracked food: yep [+3]
  • Water goal: ugh didn’t track this one [0]
  • Alcohol free: yep [+1]
  • Lifted AND biking AND yoga [+2]
  • Step goal [+1]
  • Up by 6 [+1]
  • Down by 1030 [+2] <— TBH though, both these last two were made possible thanks to the time change. If only we could keep changing the clocks back every week! :)
  • Accountability: here I am [+1]
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Today’s going really well! Super quiet and sleepy on campus thanks to fall reading week, so I was able to finish what needed to be done and still get in some early morning kettlebells AND a late afternoon swim.


Interim scoring for today, Monday:

  • Tracking food: yes, so far, all is well [+3]
  • Water goal: got my last glass on the go right now [+1 once I down it]
  • Alcohol free: so far so good [+1 barring any unforeseen catastrophes]
  • Lifted heavy things and swam too! Woo [+2]
  • Step goal: yup (goal is 12K, so far 18K) [+1}
  • Up by 6: no, alas ... how quickly we adjust to standard time :blue: I mean, I was up by 6:20, it’s not like I lounged about til 11!
  • Down by 10:30 ... seems probable but we’ll see!

Finally made the connection that self-care isn’t always about baths and pedicures and spending $ I don’t have (ALTHOUGH I AM USUALLY DOWN FOR ALL THAT BUSINESS), sometimes it looks like working out, or eating healthy food in a mindful way, or catching up on cringe-busting overdue emails.

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So for the rest of the evening, DID stay tracked, did NOT finish all that water, DID stay off the booze, DID get to bed well before 10. What a rock ‘’n’ roll lifestyle I lead :)

10/12 for Monday. Is that good? It seems good to me. But why didn’t I plan the daily scoring out of 10 for quicker conversion to percentage grade? Anyway, onward ...

Today’s day-job goals include catching up with long overdue editorial work, scheduling an important but not urgent meeting, and touching base with a few of my trainees. Hair appointment in the late afternoon so will need to get creative to work in a workout beforehand. And need to put in an hour or so learning my choir music. If I get it all done there’s a LUSH bath bomb with my name on it tonight!

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Tuesday roundup:

  • Tracked food +3
  • Water: not even close yet
  • Booze: none +1
  • Lifty / stretchy: Giving myself 1 out of 2 here, a few weights but not full session +1
  • Steppy: yep +1
  • Up by 6:00 +1
  • Bed by 10:30 — seems likely (+2 if I follow through)
  • Accountability: yup +1

pretty solid! I’m only face planting on the water goal. Maybe 96 oz is something I need to work up to, Or something that’s excessive for someone of small to average size in a cold climate. I’m way more invested in tracking food, sleeping and building some muscle this challenge.


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OH! I forgot to mention (because it was not something that even occurred to me when setting up the challenge) I have been working at half caffeination since Saturday! That day it was because we only had enough milk for a single latte whereas I usually have 2. But I felt fine (not headachey or cranky) Saturday, so kept the streak alive Sunday, Monday and today. Maybe that’s why I’m sleeping like a champ? Hmm!

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I feel like with me, that the amount of water I'm supposed to drink is excessive. I've tried to keep up with it, but I just end up feeling sloshy. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, so I think I get hydrated from that and so don't need the 70 oz or whatever I'm supposed to have

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9 hours ago, Elastigirl said:

I feel like with me, that the amount of water I'm supposed to drink is excessive. I've tried to keep up with it, but I just end up feeling sloshy. I eat a lot of fruits and veggies, so I think I get hydrated from that and so don't need the 70 oz or whatever I'm supposed to have

Exactly!! Maybe I’ll just track water, not worry about the 96-oz goal, and note down any days that I end up headachey or other dehydration symptoms. Then keep my intake to at least whatever keeps me hydrated (not sloshy). I think I used to burn through a lot more water when I was doing hot yoga every day, makes sense I don’t need as much now!


but ooooh HOT YOGA maybe I’ll make that a prize for successful challenge completion or for losing X amount weight! I dropped my unlimited membership because this fall is so busy I couldn’t make enough use of it to justify the cost. Once fall term classes end, though, could very well re-assess.

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Hi all,

yesterday was pretty chill, while still being reasonably productive work-wise. AND I got to work from home, which is a mixed blessing: super pleasant to hang out with the dogs, cat and birds, but not super conducive to challenge goals. There are way more tempting foods at home to lure me into eating like a jerk, and I need to take into account that most days, all my steps come from the walking commute to campus*. Tracking went off the rails somewhat too. But back to campus today, and back on the horse.

Wednesday’s scoring:

  • Track food: partly done, +1
  • Water goal, meh
  • AF, +1
  • Lifty / stretchy: yep, kettlebells +2
  • Steppy: nope :( 
  • Up by 6: yep +1
  • Bed by 10:30: yep +2
  • Accountability: yep +1

And I thought of another possible challenge prize, sports massage / deep tissue massage!!!

Will come up with some sort of rubric later today or tomorrow to ensure maximum motivation for these fabulous prizes.  


*The dogs wish to report that they offered plenty of opportunities for me to accompany them on walks, and for quick games of fetch, tug of war and so forth. It’s on me, not the dogs, that I didn’t take up these chances to be active on a work from home day.

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It’s a winter wonderland out there, soooo much snow fell (a little during the day, but mostly accumulated last night) :D 

Bleah, I overate yesterday ... combo of lunch out with work friend / homemade cookies in the house / dinner out with hubs and son. But I am happy to say that I tracked it all, which for the rest of this week is my challenge main goal. NEXT week and thereafter the daily points come from eating better... stopping the trashfire, not just monitoring it!

Could have done better with exercise too — had to plan around a late afternoon awards event for the boy, but could reasonably have gone to the pool or the weights room beforehand. Still, all my workout stuff is on campus now, so I hereby proclaim I’m working out today! Opinions welcome on whether pool laps or weights circuit are the way to go! (

I *did* finally take that bath I’ve been talking up for days. That was pretty perfect... Lord of Misrule bath bomb, HBO miniseries on Catherine the Great, carafes of bubbly water to counteract the heat of the tub


Thursday scoring:

Track food: wasn’t pretty, but got er done +3

Water goal: yes, for once! +1

AF: yep +1

Lifty/movey: actually yeah, did quick kettlebell circuit in the morning before work! +2

Steppy: yup +1

Up by 6: yup +1

Bed by 10:30: heck yeah +2

Accountability: yep +1


OOH that’s my first perfect-scoring day! Which is massively different from an ACTUAL perfect day — I ate way over my MFP calories (like, 1400 over!!) but the goal this week was just to track, so at least I know that a mere flawed mortal can succeed with this rubric!





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5 hours ago, TiogaGirl said:

Could have done better with exercise too — had to plan around a late afternoon awards event for the boy, but could reasonably have gone to the pool or the weights room beforehand. Still, all my workout stuff is on campus now, so I hereby proclaim I’m working out today! Opinions welcome on whether pool laps or weights circuit are the way to go! (



I'm not VERY qualified to say much about it- as I don't swim.


but my opinion is that you are comparing an endurance workout versus a strength workout


...it seems to me that if you need more intensity in your exercise program the weight training would be better- but if you need some recovery while getting some exercise- pool laps sound right.




we got snow too!  I think you live somewhat close to me.  at any rate- :(  

its too early for this stuff!

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Thanks TGP! You’re absolutely right. Well as it turns out... I got too focused on finishing up my annual report for work today, and ended up doing neither swim nor weights :acne:

Loving the combo of bright fall leaves plus snow! but I get that snow before Remembrance Day is not everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Tracking food: yes, so far, and hit the deficit for once!
  • Water: got a bit more hydrating to do but pretty close
  • alcohol: yep, that is to say, nope, that is to say, sober as a judge!
  • Lifty/movey: no, blast it
  • Steppy: yes, I was a little short of today’s goal so grabbed the dogs and the hub and went for a gorgeous moonlight-on-snow stroll round the ‘hood after dinner
  • up by 6: yep
  • bed by 1030: we shall see!
  • accountability: I’m here, aren’t I?


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Alright, 10/12 for yesterday (everything but the workout). So, scores last week of 10’s and 11’s (and one perfect dozen).

This week, food goal 1 ramps up to what I now realize was a loosey goosily defined “improve”. I’ll try focusing on CICO this week... Let’s say the full 3 points for hitting the MFP mandated deficit of 500 kcal (includes tracking, obvs); 2 points for tracking everything and deficit < 500 kcal; 1 point for tracking everything but not hitting deficit; bonus 1 point for not eating after 8 pm. Will see how it goes and consider some other metrics for the following weeks if need be.

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Saturday roundup (last day of week 2)

  • Track food: yes, +3, although went way over goals thanks to hosting family dinner (Brie and baguette! pulled pork sandwiches! Caesar salad! Roast potatoes! Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing!)
  • Water goal: meh
  • AF: yeah! +1
  • Lifty / stretchy: yep, kettlebells +2
  • Steppy: no :(
  • Early to rise: yep +1
  • Early to bed: nope 
  • Accountablity: yep +1

Total scores for this week break down like this,

Food 28, Move 16, Sleep 18, Accountability 7

These are way better than week 1’s scores (food 17, move 7, sleep 9, accountability 2) so progress, progress!


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Aww, daughter was home from university this weekend and just dropped her at the bus station to head back. Missing that bug already!

Good day today. I did that power walk for a little more than 7 km, plus some shorter jaunts (dog walks, over to the yoga studio), so step goal is done and dusted. Yin yoga this afternoon, yay! And a groovy tasty but not too heavy dinner of pork tenderloin, chimichurri and green salad. Somehow I hit the deficit today, wooooooo! (Off to brush my teeth now so my snacky self doesn’t get any bright late-night ideas)

Week 3, day 1 summary:

  • Food +3 :)
  • Water +1 :) altho’ this is down mostly to hanging out in hot places like the yoga studio and the bath
  • AF +1 :)
  • Lifty/ stretchy +2 for yoga 
  • Step goal +1
  • Up by 6 - no, but did 6:30, which is still pretty respectable for a Sunday. And cleaned up last night’s dishes while waiting for the coffee to drip, so that morning was as seized as it gets
  • Bed by 1030 - yeah probably! Will confirm in the morning.

MORE SNOW forecast for tomorrow. TGP I’ll cross my fingers that it all falls in my city and not in yours, deal?

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22 minutes ago, TiogaGirl said:


MORE SNOW forecast for tomorrow. TGP I’ll cross my fingers that it all falls in my city and not in yours, deal?


Absolutely! DEAL

you can have it.


I hope its ALL rain. (for me)


if the weather is good- I'm camping next weekend.  I don't want Snow....

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Well the snow hit us with a vengeance! Down to -10C tomorrow, eek. And fall break is over, so back to hectic days for the last month of term.

  • Food tracked and deficit: +3
  • Water goal: meh
  • AF: +1
  • Lifty/ stretchy: meh
  • Steppy: yup, 18000 today! +1
  • Up by 6: +1
  • Bed by 10:30: +2
  • Accountability: +1


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