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TiogaGirl Tracks, Moves, and Sleeps


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Woo! I did it, hit the gym even though it meant going out into the storm. Solid weights session, and like 20 000 steps today with all the other running around! But food not great. Maybe I blew all my willpower on getting to the gym.


  • Food: Tracked, but no deficit dangit :( (should be maintenance though) +2 if I honour the 8 pm food curfew!
  • Water: meh
  • A.F.: yup +1
  • Lifty / stretchy: +2
  • Steppy: oh heck yes +1
  • Early to rise: +1
  • Early to bed: ?? Will see!
  • Accountability: you bet +1




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^^^ I *did* hit the sack on time on Tues night. If nothing else, I am a shining star when it comes to sleep! So 10 points for tues.

Wednesday update: Lecture went well... even some (scattered) applause afterwards, even now in week 9 of term! Some days I love my job :) Then had a catch-up with trainee, caught up some on email and scheduling, and got to head home early. Spent the mid to late afternoon practicing songs for upcoming show (sorely needed! I need to book out a more regular practice time) then off to dress rehearsal. Tracked food until mid-afternoon then lost focus :( After getting home, curled up on couch with hubby and boy (nice) but they lured me into scarfing down some BBQ chips and staying up later than usual to watch TV (not in line with challenge goals re food and sleep). At least I’m starting to identify some times of the week / times of day that reliably trip me up challenge wise.

  • Food: meh
  • Water: meh
  • AF: +1
  • Lifty/ stretchy: nope 
  • Steppy: +1
  • Early to rise: +1
  • Early to bed nope
  • Accountability: it’s not pretty, but +1

Bleah, 4 points total for Wednesday. Nowhere to go but up, I guess (unless the wheels REALLY come off for the rest of this week!)


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Thanks TGP, and good question. I work as a professor, so this time of year is reliably super busy as we roll towards December exams; and choir rehearsal every Wednesday, but that too is ramping up in intensity getting ready for gigs. So Wednesdays in November are like, the perfect storm. but then yesterday (thurs) was hectic too come to think of it! Meetings were so stacked up that it was all I could do to make the ones I absolutely had to attend, and send my regrets for another - so no writing or reading got done at all, much less lifting or yoga, despite feeling busy all day! And *again* by the time I hit the couch in the evening, was so ground down that I said “sure” to some potato chips that took me way past caloric goal.


Not all a trash day, though: another well received lecture, some recognition from colleagues on a job well done, nominated for a research award, carved out a half-hour for lunch on campus with the hubba hubba, and left my daily step goal in the dust thanks to all the running around. Oh, and I had a doctor’s appointment I’d been putting off scheduling for well over 6 months, so I’m glad to have used 20 seconds of courage booking that! Walked home by a different route than usual due to coming from doc’s office, all along the river in the snow, and it was lovely. And when I got home the guys were just heading to the mall to look for snow boots, so I came along and stocked up on LUSH bath bombs and bath oils. Gotta balance the hectic ness with some serious self-care!


In retrospect, of course, I should have busted out one of the bath bombs and recovered that way from crazypants day, instead of with chips. Or done some restorative yoga. OK, so now I am making steps towards identifying sticky points *and* thinking about possible workarounds. Next step is to actually carry through and swap out late night snacking for something more positive like gentle movement or baths!

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So the TL/DR scores for Thursday are,

  • Food +1 for tracking
  • Water- meh
  • AF +1
  • Lifty/ stretchy- nope
  • Steppy +1 (sooooo many steps)
  • Early to rise +1
  • Early to bed +2
  • Accountability +1 <— I am happy about this last one, and about tracking too. I am working to overcome tendency to enjoy sharing or recording good progress but to stick my head in the sand when things go awry.

7/12, not my finest day but better than the day before, and thankgodfully the weekend is nearly here!!!

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Morning (afternoon) all! Happy weekend, whew!


So Friday had ALL SORTS of work drama, but at this point in the term we are mostly so inured to it all that we largely shrugged it off, and had a pretty good day in spite of it all. Busy with meetings til mid afternoon, then did a few hours work on Monday’s lecture so that I’ll have less work to do on it Sunday. Got to walk home with the better half, and met the boy at our favourite neighbourhood restaurant for dinner. DEEP FRIED PICKLES AND REUBEN SANDWICH, yo. Greasy but totally hit the spot. After getting home I tallied up the day’s calories and was STILL just within plan for the day, so I hopped into a decadent bath rather than get into the chips. It was awesome! So there, I can *on occasion* anticipate and outsmart the evening munchies. Was so knocked out after the bath that we all went to bed before 10. Soooo 10 points for yesterday.


Today’s been good so far! Super cold out but sunny, so hubs and I walked down to the farmers’ market to stock up on artisanal bread, tea, and tapenades / grapes / cheeses for tonight’s book club. Then piano lessons with the boy ... we are duetting in a winter recital in 3 weeks! So gotta get that polished up. And after several slacker days, I did a bunch of kettlebells. Book club book still languishing unread but I can at least be a prepared and muscular hostess!

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Well... I did not finish the book club book [Fiskadoro]. Had fine intentions but it was confusing and kept putting me to sleep, so I spent the afternoon drilling choir songs for next week’s gig. The club itself was fun as always, even if the book did not wow any of us! Just nice to spiff the house up, hang with friends and eat awesome cheese and grapes. We had gotten some Red Lion cheddar that was super Aley and mustardy, it was fabulous and I thought the best cheese of the night!


Weak points challenge wise, I lost track of tracking once the book club commenced; and was certainly over calories; and stayed up late by my standards.  Strong point was not boozing it up or in fact drinking at all! 


  • Food/Tracking, nope
  • water, meh
  • AF, +1
  • Lifty +2
  • steppy +1
  • up by 6, not quite
  • early bed, not at all
  • checking in and copping to the good, the bad, the ugly +1

Week 3 points work out to 55, or about 65% of points available. It was a tougher level, scoring wise though, so I’m pretty happy. Better than if I were not playing along this challenge for sure!

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G’morning all,

3 weeks in to this challenge and my most unexpected win is how much smoother my mornings go with the early getting-up time combined with cutting down latte consumption! Down to a single latte now, which I’m enjoying the heck out of, reclining on the couch while checking soc med’s; then off to the dog park for 0700. 

Weighed in today and have lost several pounds since challenge started, even though yesterday I did not cover myself in glory:

  • Food: Tracked, but well over MFP goal +1
  • Water: didnt track
  • AF: yeah! +1
  • Lifty-stretchy: went to yin yoga, my faaaaaave +2
  • Steppy: nope, eek 
  • Early riser +1
  • Early to bed +2
  • Showing up +1

8/12; I can beat that today, and I will!

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So far, so good, for Monday!! SUPER steppy day (20 000 so far) and I used a break in my meeting lineup to zip over to the gym and knock off a fast but intense kettlebell workout. They also have a big range of KB sizes, so I tried them all (well, up to 30 lb) to see how they compare to my 20 pounder at home. Nicest part was the trek across campus in the warmest, sunniest part of the day ... so got to synthesize a little bit of vitamin D, I hope.


Working tally, to be updated tomorrow with final reckoning for the day,

  • Food: all tracked so far, nicely under cals so far
  • Water: oh yeah, better get on this one. About 6 cups so far, so I’ll start brewing up some of the herbal teas acquired on Sat
  • AF: yep, so far, (no surprises as it’s barely 6 pm here! But no plans to booze it up on a school night either)
  • Lifty/ stretchy? YEAH BABY! +2
  • Steppy: OH HECK YEAH +1
  • Early riser: yep! +1
  • Early to bed: time will tell! Let’s hope so, I’m wiped out right now and have an early morning meeting tomorrow
  • Showing up: here I am! +1
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Phew, Tuesday was a bananas day and today looks to be more of the same. Some work drama (seems to be on its way to resolving), plus a nearly full day of meetings before and after class with just an hour of unstructured time to write the world’s fastest lecture. Then for something COMPLETELY different, a show choir gig in the evening. It was great to perform with my choir peeps and it forced me not to dwell on work stuff, but boy did I have to hustle to get everything done! As I would have predicted for a day like this, step goal handily defeated but no proper workout (ie lifting or yoga).


Food was within the day’s cals mainly because no time for a proper dinner! I’m thinking for the last week of the challenge I’ll take a hard look at macros especially carb to protein ratio, as well as sugars. I seem to be in a nice groove of dropping weight, which is great and I’m sooo happy bout, but want to make sure food quality is OK. Also MFP is up in my grill because it thinks my fat intake is too high (typically ~ 45%), but, not so concerned about that. I think it just has the default macro goals based on the old grain centric food pyramid.


  • Food (tracking, deficit) +3
  • Water- meh
  • AF: yep +1
  • Lifty/ stretchy- nope
  • Steppy: for sure +1
  • Early to rise +1
  • Early to bed- nope, too adrenilated from performance
  • Accountability +1

Well, 7/12 is ... not spectacular ... but I powered through the day. Some days you just gotta power through. Today’s equally chaotic but I can probably knock off a few more easy wins if I hydrate more and do some casual stretching in any downtime I may run across. And a reasonable bedtime sounds pretty great for tonight.


So happy to still be working on this challenge! 

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Bleah. Another crazy chaotically busy day, in which I didn’t even get the so-called easy wins. Didn’t track food past late afternoon, and stuff eaten then (before and after rehearsal) was all just snacky processed stuff. Might have been still within cals, I won’t know as I didn’t really keep track of amounts, but not particularly mindful or healthy or filling. Meh. Next week I’ll advance prep some turkey meatballs or other easily trackable healthy-ish quick mini meal to divert me from eating like a jerk on days I’m not around for proper dinner.


Exercise: again, no shortage of steps (I do get that right even on the busiest days), including a bunch of dancing at rehearsal, but I didn’t set aside time for anything strength or stretch related, or anything that breaks a sweat. 

  • Food, meh
  • Water, meh
  • AF: +1
  • Lifty/ stretchy, meh
  • Steppy, meh
  • Early riser: +1
  • Early to bed: meh
  • Accountability: +1

Good news would include: (a) this term is nearly over, phew; (b) scale is down AGAIN, and the ol high rise jeans feel looser around the waist [I trust the jeans more than the scale, frankly]; (c) I am identifying problem times in my week and at least thinking of ways to do better. Not *doing* these things yet, but thinking of them, haha, baby steps!

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Busy day AGAIN ... between teaching and packed office hours and meetings, didn’t get to do any work until 5 pm. Dashed off the application package for an award I’m nominated for (woo) then hiked home in the dark and the rain. hubs and boy had made tacos and timed them to coincide perfectly with my arrival, so that’s a good note to come home to! And awesome hot bath with new bath oil, bubbly water and a banked episode of The Crown. I should have gone to bed after that, but instead came downstairs to be social, ah, to scarf down some crackers and hummus (taking me past day’s calorie goal) and doze off in front of the TV with the guys :blue:

  • Food: +1 for tracking, but no deficit
  • Water: not tracked
  • AF +1
  • Lifting, stretching: nope
  • Step goal: you bet +1
  • Early to rise: yes, 5:50!! +1
  • Early to bed: yes, got myself off the couch and shoveled into bed before 1030 +2
  • Accountability: not pretty, but yeah +1

*7 points for Thursday.

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Oh, Friday. I did not cover myself in glory. Another busy day full of meetings, interviews, seminars and so forth, plus the low grade stress of trying to get some writing done in the interstitial bits of the day. I eventually did finish the most mission critical and overdue stuff, so some major cringe busting there. But did so instead of hitting the gym ... I had vaguely intended to “if I get this writing thing done” (forgetting that writing things always expand to fit the time available).  And didn’t track food at all because... willpower shortage? Bleah.


here is how it went down, 

1 point for AF

1 point for step goal

1 point for early rising

1 point for checking in

... c’est tout!

but a great mini break coming up today and tomorrow, family trip to the big city to see Come From Away, fancy hotel, snazzy dinner, maybe late night dessert, oldest kiddo joining us there from university. Excited!

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Well. Saturday was super-fun! But a little excessively indulgent. Went waaaay over cals and broke my AF streak. I mean I didn’t wind up in jail or anything, but had 2 big cans of cider. A great time at dinner though, and the show was terrific! I went for form over function and wore my sexy 4” heeled boots to walk to the theatre in, and a few minutes into the walk it became apparent that that was a mistake, lol. THEN fancy dessert in the hotel bar, eesh, and stayed up til midnight giggling with the fam / watching hotel HGTV.

  • Food +1 (tracked, despite it all)
  • Water, meh
  • AF, nope
  • lifty: yes, this morning +2
  • steppy: yep +1
  • early up: nope
  • early to bed: nononono
  • accountability: yep +1

5 points for the day. At least exercise was solid?

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Sunday was a little more respectable than Saturday :D 


Slept in, thanks to no pets harassing me to get up and feed them! We wandered around the big city a little — sore feet and all — til it was time to say goodbye to #1 child at the bus station and jump on the train back home. Once we got home, I got tomorrow’s lecture prepped so quickly that I was able to get to yoga, yay! LOOOOOOVE yin yoga.


By the time I got home from yoga, hubs had picked up the dogs from the kennel and made a simple but fab roast dinner, mmm. I walked the dogs in an effort to make it to my step goal (still failed — a day on the train will do that to ya — but the dogs seemed appreciative), knocked off a work task that should really have been knocked off already, and hopped into the tub! Just me and The Crown, in solitary splendour (at least I had ambitions of being solitary but people kept wandering through to shower, then dogs wandered through to present me with tennis balls). Post-bath popcorn took me over day’s calorie goals, whoops. 


  • Food +1 for tracking
  • Water, probably not
  • AF, yes back on it! +1
  • Lifty/stretchy +2
  • Steppy - no
  • Early to rise - no
  • early to bed +2
  • accountability +1 —> 7 points for the day. Bet I can beat that today!
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Oh man, what a busy Monday. And not really done yet ... but at least I’m home, and in jammies, and the last few hours of work can get done from the couch. Whew!


Food going well today: I planned ahead and made a salad for lunch (w chicken and chick peas for some protein), plus my usual breakfast which is pretty healthy (sautéed spinach and eggs) and remain on top of tracking, so far. And have been tracking water, which reminds me, best sip some more. Step goal is IN THE DUST, where I like it. No lifting or stretching yet, but no booze either, and did get up good and early.

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Monday roundup:

  • Food +1 for tracking - ended up going over cals thanks to junky snacking during after dinner 
  • Water +1, how about that! 
  • AF +1
  • Lifty/movey - nah
  • Steppy +1
  • Early to rise +1
  • Early to bed +2 (this one was close! But put on the push to finish the work due today, and thank goodness I did cause I would not have time today to do it)
  • Accountability +1 , Daily total = 8 points

Despite calorie surplus and lack of lifting or yoga, scale is nicely down again today. So that’s cool 😎Am looking forward to getting to work out, though! Maybe some KBs today after school, or a Friday night sweaty yoga session.

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