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Bob the Bardbarian respawns again but this time it's totally gonna work because of reasons

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Guess who's back?

Back again?


I know I'm a little late to the 5 week challenge, but I figured better late than never.  There's nothing as empowering/depressing as respawning, and this is number 4 for ol' Bob.  When I first set out on this path, things were tough, and they haven't gotten much easier.  Still though, I realize I often feel stronger, and can better handle the stress of life, when I'm taking better care of myself.  This includes working out, eating better, and just chilling duh fuck out.  Now, I have a new plan, and I think it'll work for me.


But, this is my first time posting among the druid boards.  So, I should probably start from the beginning...


For the longest time I pursued the path of a barbarian, someone who is not only strong, but tough, and fearless.  I had all the plans laid out in front of me, with goals setup, and a mindset to work from.  Then, not long into it, I realized it wasn't the path I wanted.  Sure, it was a good plan (after all, I wrote it), but I wasn't having any fun, and it's not who I am.


But who am I exactly?


I thought about what my qualities were, what I excelled at, what my thought process was, and what I wanted to achieve.  It was almost like I was coming up with my big WHY all over again.  "Well... " I thought to myself, "I like to inspire people through acts of kindness.  I like to entertain people, or at the very least make them laugh and smile.  I enjoy being creative, in whatever way I can.  I'm a jack of all trades, and a master of none.  I enjoy learning new skills, and trying new things.  Even to the point of making bad decisions, if only for the stories I can tell.  More than anything, I enjoy a good drink, a good meal, and time with friends and family."  And then, out of the blue, like a ton of bricks, it hit me:



I am a bard.


At least, I had a good start on the makings of a bard.  But then, if I were to walk the bard's path, where would I begin?  How does one incorporate fitness into a path like this?  What are my end goals?  And more than anything, what the hell does a bard even do?  I approached these questions the same way I approached becoming a barbarian:  What are the qualities of a bard in games, books, and movies?  How can these qualities transition to a modern world?  Could you apply these qualities to any of the classes on NF?

After digging through a handful of online blogs, YouTube videos, and reading up on D&D and Pathfinder rules (both old and new), I knew I was heading in the right direction, and I started to notice some similarities.    Outside of usual being a jack of all trades, playing some sort of instrument, and indulging in wine, women, and song, the bard possesses 3 qualities:


A bard educates.


A bard entertains.


A bard inspires.

After realizing that, I knew I was on the right path.  But again, could I apply these qualities to a class on NF?  Even more so, how the hell does fitness play in all of this?  Do I want to stay a jack of all trades?  Should I learn an instrument?  What could I create?  What should I study?  How would I want to entertain and inspire others?


All this led me to seriously contemplate my EQ list, my overall story, my end goals, but more than anything, who exactly did I want to become.  I believe this is the path to not only achieving a healthy lifestyle, but also a happier one.


Now with introductions out of the way, let us begin...


A bard educates!

No matter what or where, a bard usually seems to know something about the world around him, and is always eager to share with anyone who will listen  He not only educates others, but is also open to any lore he might come across.  Bards hold a wealth of knowledge that can usually come in handy in any situation.  I plan on expanding my interests, learning new skills, and gaining new traits to be more useful in the world around me.

Quest - Maintain 80% in my current college classes

There's nothing quite like sleep deprivation and black coffee to help stimulate the mind.  My classes this quarter have been going well, and I intend to keep it that way.  Not the funnest of quests, but one that takes precedent none the less.


Side Quest - Finish script for "True Facts" video

I've always wanted to do a "True Facts" video for YouTube, specifically about the bear.  This is a quest that's been on my back burner for a while, and while I know there will be other elements needed, at the very least I can figure out what to say in my narration for the video.  For those who don't know what I'm talking about, head on over to YouTube, and search for "True Facts about the mantis shrimp". That'll give you some idea of what I'm shooting for.



A bard entertains!

At some point, somewhere, someone told me I was funny ((I think they were drunk (or my mom (who might have been drunk at the time))).  For everyone else, I'm guessing they just smile and laugh to tolerate my presence until I leave.  


I want to be better at being funny, and achieve laughter outside of horrible puns.  I've told jokes, stories, performed magic, read palms, and have even written riddles.  However, I've been wanting to get back into music.  I played alto sax in high school, and I want to get more music out into the world.  I believe music can move the body and soul - whether it's through a DAW creating electronic music, or taking up the guitar, I will always want to bring music to this world.

Quest - Finish tracks for my second project album

I've been using a DAW (digital audio workstation) and a library of samples to create music.  Not exactly my idea of music creation; I mean, all I'm doing is dragging and dropping sound files.  It's like making a story with those packs of refrigerator magnets with words on them.  However, it is a good start, and I believe I can do more as I get better.  My first album, based on the NF community, was a lot of fun.  Now, I need to finish up the tracks for my second album.  I don't want to spoil what it's gonna be about, and I'm going to need to do more work outside of just making music, but I can't wait to show it off.


Side Quest - Create one song just for fun

Just something to show off to everyone.  Don't know what it'll be, but I'll post it when it's ready.



A bard inspires!

This one was tricky.  I mean, how the hell am I suppose to inspire people.  Raising people's spirits with mere words is a little tricky for me, and I'm better suited for conversing and comedy.  Then, it hit me:  All those YouTube videos of fat guys, doing incredible parkour feats (back-flips, vaults, and tricks).  THAT is how I inspire people, to show the world that you shouldn't be limited to the things you can do just by your size or shape.  To show that if you have enough piss and vinegar flowing through your veins, anything can be accomplished.  THAT'S where the fitness aspect comes in.  I want the strength to move mountains, and the flexibility to handle everyday life.

However, I believe there are other ways in which one can inspire others.  From random acts of kindness and generosity, to just being a good example to those around you, it doesn't take much to be the light that guides people through the darkest times of their lives.


Quest 4 - Workout 6 days a week

This is going to be an extremely difficult quest to complete, but I know I can do it.  I've got a mix of weight training and yoga programs to work on.  I just need to get my ass to the gym.


Side Quest - Make kits for the homeless

Being a poor college student, I've found it difficult to help out the homeless with kits that I buy, and assemble.  However, I do have a small supply left that needs assembling, so I need to get it done.



These quests are going to be challenging for me.  But I'm reminded of the article posted by Steve, about the survey that everyone took, and what stopped people from being successful.  I know I can find time to conquer all this shit, but I need to keep myself going, and make small changes.


So if small successes lead to bigger ones, let's not waste anymore time, shall we?

Let the challenges begin!

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Ummmm .... so much love and I can’t wait to see you crush your goals! 

Also paging my other favorite bard, @sherrifwolfpool (damnit, Wolfie, quit changing your name, it confuses the easily confused) and close-to-bard but actually chaplain who also loves a good NF-related song @Tanktimus the Encourager who would definitely know more than me what bardic fitness pursuits are out there. Also hello @DarK_RaideR who is an amazing Nerd storyteller and may have more resources to help with inspiration there. 


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4 hours ago, darkfoxx said:

Ummmm .... so much love and I can’t wait to see you crush your goals! 

Also paging my other favorite bard, @sherrifwolfpool (damnit, Wolfie, quit changing your name, it confuses the easily confused) and close-to-bard but actually chaplain who also loves a good NF-related song @Tanktimus the Encourager who would definitely know more than me what bardic fitness pursuits are out there. Also hello @DarK_RaideR who is an amazing Nerd storyteller and may have more resources to help with inspiration there. 


I'm afraid I don't have anything more specific than "Do the workout you'll stick with."

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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First of all, welcome back to the forums and good luck on your challenge. I'm afraid I don't have any actual "resources" to help with inspiration (though I'll take the compliment about my storytelling there, @darkfoxx, thankyouverymuch) but once again, I'll say "why not both": I once played a multiclass d&d character (though in my 15+ years I've mostly been the DM, that might be where the storytelling comes from) who was a barbarian/bard or, as I called him, a bardbarian. @Rurik Harrgath will tell you those are called Skalds, but I didn't want the viking connection for that character. Also, @Teros will certainly have to say a thing or two about his Wall of Inspiration.


Edit: Stupid me, I just noticed your username and thread title already include the "bardbarian" part...

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Following along! As someone who had always related to a ranger until he realised that he was more of a bard without an instrument (wait, what kind of bard doesn't play an instrument? Figure it out and understand why I couldn't picture myself into the role), I'm feeling connected with your search and enjoy your discoveries and narrative. You can color me inspired.


Nothing much else to say than welcome back, make your short term fitness goals small and keep them small, but there, until you like it. Then just do what you like how long and how often you like.


Welcome back and enjoy the journey!

Legally bound to hug people in need.


Living life as a Druid is about walking with the beasts. It's about being scared, looking your fears in the eyes and going on anyway. Dread doesn't go away, you just learn to know it. It's still a beast, it still has fangs, but you walk among it.

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On 11/13/2019 at 6:45 PM, Jean said:

What kind of bard doesn't play an instrument?

This one :)

Actually to be fair, I did play an alto sax in high school, and after I'm done with school I'm going to be great at the guitar.  For now though, I'm happy working with a DAW.  If only there was a way, everyone, could listen to my music.  Also download it for free.  Also leave a comment if it sucks.

*cough* Signature *unconvincing cough*


Anywho!  Lots have people have educated, entertained, and inspired people, all without music at all.  Whether it be through laughter, overcoming adversity, or even simply glowing with confidence, charisma can take on many forms.  

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Gather 'round boys and girls!  Bob's got a story for ya.

It's called "Why you don't go questing during finals week".


Okay so I didn't get all of my quests done.  But posting here again in this forum was still a good thing.  It made sure I kept my quests in mind, and didn't forget about them, which is more than what would have happened if I ignored the forum completely.  Plus, I got a late start.  And rather than let it bug me to my core, I'm gonna celebrate what small victories I made, and press on.


Right then!


Quest - Maintain 80% in my current college classes - COMPLETE!

I pass one of my classes with an 85.7%.  My other one is still ongoing, but I don't see myself going below 80%.  Friggin' nailed it!


Side Quest - Finish script for "True Facts" video COMPLETE!

Script has been completed.  Now all I need to do find royalty free footage of bears, record the audio, and edit the video.

Quest - Finish tracks for my second project album - Partially complete.

For those of you who've never worked with Magix Music Maker, it's a tricky beast.  It's not well optimized, and they're always releasing new patches, and every time they do it seems to screw over my entire setup.  When I relaunched the program, I found it incredibly difficult to edit the individual tracks.  I honestly can't wait to finish up my current projects with this DAW, so I can get something a little more user-friendly.  Regardless, I was able to work on some of my tracks in my spare time, and hopefully, I should have them all ready for my next album soon.


Side Quest - Create one song just for fun - INCOMPLETE!

See notes from above.


Quest 4 - Workout 6 days a week - INCOMPLETE!

Didn't work out once.  Not.  Once.  Clearly this is the biggest hurdle for my next challenge month.  Though I'm probably going to make things a little easier on myself, and shoot for 5/7 days of the week.


Side Quest - Make kits for the homeless - Partially complete.

Nothing much to say here really.  I went through all my supplies, and checked to see what had expired.  Thankfully most of it was still usable.


See you next month!

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Educate - Entertain - Inspire

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