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MarieDane /mom of two small ones /post concussion

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Just joined this week. Have been training for quite a while, both some eye and physio exercises to recuperate after multiple concussions, but also strength training and cardio - especially rowing. I use an app to keep stuff interesting and varied.


I am about 8 kilo overweight but have started focusing more on my waistline measurement and noticing improvements in speed, endurance and strength. I bought a fancy muscle percentage weight but dropped that since it was very variable in terms of measuring the weight.


I am rather terrible at changing my diet. I am one of those "uh, now I deserve this ice cream" types. Have added a quest, though, that for every lunch I should have some veggies. Sooo, trying the slow and steady approach.


Am from Denmark, have two small boys under three. Am nerd that keeps on researching (computer programmer and former PhD student)

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