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My name is Sam and I was initially here about a year ago under the name Seraph. I had a game plan and everything, but life decided to take some interesting twist and turns that resulted in said game plan being thrown out the window while I put out fires. Now I'm back. Once again life has given me some unexpected situations to handle, but this time, they're for the better and they all seem to be lining up with what I had initially wanted to start undertaking a year ago with Nerd Fitness; I now have a doctor that understands my medical conditions and works with them for the better, a job that is very fulfilling with opportunities for significant advancement and personal satisfaction if I can take the steps I need to on my end, a relationship with someone that is very supportive through the good times and the bad, and a hard deadline to really motivate me to get my act together so that I am financially (and otherwise) independent, whereas I am not right now. I have two years to get everything in order that I need to because of outside factors, and I strongly believe that Nerd Fitness will help me get there. My main goals are to get physically healthier by losing a significant amount of weight among other things, manage my mental and emotional states better, become financially independent, get my own place, get promoted and certified in my field, finish writing a novel, and push myself out of my comfort zone so I can truly live my life instead of hiding away in my room any chance I get. The name I've chosen for my alter ego echoes the latter sentiment as Meliora is Latin for better, more precisely, for the pursuit of better.


I suppose I should share some random facts about me aside from the struggles that brought me here. I was born and raised in Texas, though I have also lived in North Dakota and Mississippi. I turned 30 this year. I work in the wine industry for my day job, though I am an aspiring writer on the side. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to space, the ocean, video games, anime, and books. Mass Effect is my favorite video game series of all time. I even have a tattoo for it, as well as a Hunger Games one. My next tattoo will probably be Harry Potter related because I have to represent one of my original fandoms. Weirdly enough, I don't care for Star Wars all that much (I'm sorry). I'm definitely more of a Star Trek girl. I also have a corgi named Lord Mizington Esquire the Third, a.k.a., Miz. And yes, for you wrestling fans, he is indeed awesome.

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Welcome! Those are some awesome goals, and it's great that you have a two year period set aside for them. Doing the challenges has definitely helped me to be more long-term about my thinking and efforts. Hopefully they'll be useful for you, as well. 

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Let cheese and oxen and mead crowd out our secret desires for power and domination - Harriet the Viking

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