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Ned Flanders

Hi diddly-ho, neighborinos!

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Hi all,


New member here! A little bit about me...


I'm in my mid-30's, Irish, married with two kids, living in a place called Cork, and I work in cyber-security for a large multi-national corporation.


From a fitness point of view, I do a lot of swimming, a bit of running, and some gym work. Love the outdoors and especially hiking.


I don't have any set goals with regard to body size, weight, etc. I don't excersize for how I look, it's about how it makes me feel, and I want maximum performance so I try to train with functional fitness in mind. If you were to ask me my goals, I'd have to say my dreams are to eventually conquer a monumental endurance task like swim the English Channel, climb Mount Everest, or trek to the South Pole.


Looking forward to interacting with you all here on this forum.



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hello Ned!


yeah, Hiking is an Awesome way to exercise.


One of my very favorites.  I love your LIST!

its so... Big and epic!


feel free to join us.  

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