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Tanktimus the Encourager

Festivus Mini-Challenge

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Welcome to the 2019 Holiday Challenge Mini-Challenge. 


This year our theme is a Festivus for the Rest of Us. Each week of the challenge there will be a festivus themed bonus challenge to complete. If you are interested in participating, or are unsure, just post here on the thread and see what happens!


Week 1

The Airing of Grievances:


That's right, get it off your chest. For week 1 the first part of your challenge is to write down everything bugging you, everything you're mad about, anything you resent, all of it you can think of. Do it on paper. Those of you who have followed my mini challenges before may recognize this one, it's a favorite of mine. The list can be as short or long as you need, just know the more you right down the better you will feel. Remember, while you are in the process of writing it


as it may bother some people. The idea is for you to vent. When you have your list complete, post on here that you have written your list. You may choose to share or not share things from the list at your discretion; remember, it will be open to the whole internet.


Once you've done that:




If fire is not an option, find some other way to destroy it. However you consign your list to the ash heap of history, document it's destruction via picture or video and post that as well. It's ok to do all this in one post.


Week 2


Thank you blurry Kramer. I hope everyone enjoyed BURNING🔥 THEIR🔥 GRIEVANCES🔥 TO🔥 THE🔥 GROUND!🎸🔥

Now for week 2, we are going to do the inverse of week 1. What Festivus Miracles have you observed? In other words, for what are you grateful? What makes you happy? Are their positive aspects to the things/people/situations you listed on your grievance list (if not don't worry, some stuff is just really crappy)? Whatever they are, write them down. This list you may want to keep permanently, that's up to you. It might be helpful to write things down in something that allows you to add to them later. I challenge you to list at least 5 things for which you are grateful in this thread. 


Week 3: The Feats of Strength

Festivus isn't over until you pin your father! 

What makes you feel strong? Can you do it in a week? Your task for week 3 is to do something to make you feel strong. It can be physical strength, emotional strength, or mental strength. Some have talked about ressurecting Squatmas, that's certainly an option. Report your plan and it's success here.

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55 minutes ago, Maggie-Miau said:

This is my first time hearing about Festivus and i just have one question: we don't have to wrestle you to the ground, do we?

Of course not. 


You have to actually pin me.

50 minutes ago, Sloth the Enduring said:


That’s a funny way to spell “do we get to wrestle you to the ground?”


One at a time please.



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aramis suspiciously pokes Festivus with his index finger, wobbling the thing to the sides 

"Umm, do you have one in brass maybe? This looks so fragile..."


But by the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard, count me in ;) 

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Here to wrestle everyone.

I feel the need to warn you all I am an actual* wrestling champion with a real** championship belt to my name but if anyone wants to challenge me, form an orderly queue.

* Sorta
** Also sorta.

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2 hours ago, Terra said:

I'm gonna give this a try and wrestling is a bonus.  Can I arm-bar you instead of pinning you @Tanktimus the Encourager???  

Given your far greater experience of BJJ I strongly suspect you are capable of getting me in an armbar. However, Festivus isn't about Arm Bars, it's about pins. So all you'll do is soften me up for the pin that you would still have to get. A viable strategy.


For all those wondering about signing up, this is a very informal mini. Each week I'll post a goal and you can work on it or not. There is also a lot of flexibility about HOW you achieve that goal. Furthermore, you need not participate in all three weeks. Do the ones you want.

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