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Hello everyone, my name is Leo, 15 years old, quite into Tai Chi and such. I usually spend my days either gaming or watching Naruto which is most definitely one of my guilty pleasures. I've decided to take a step towards a bigger goal in life and now's the time to take that step. I'm really bored of just sitting around doing nothing and if I'm honest I'm finding it much more enjoyable if I get to do something worth the effort (which is this!).


Now my main goal is to try and become as strong and agile as I possible can so I can maintain a balanced build.

A few of my side goals are:

1. To become more active

2. Be stress free 

3. Do as much body-weight training as I can to achieve these goals.

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Hey buddy, good for you for trying to improve your health! However this forum is technically 18+, so the mods might ask you to put your account on hold for another few years.


In the meantime, definitely check out any resources available that your school offers for fitness/weight lifting classes. Even if you prefer bodyweight exercises, knowing the basic movement/angles will still be helpful! In terms of lowering stress you can try gratitude journaling, meditation, sleeping enough, volunteering, etc. - again here, your school might have stuff set up to try out! And don't forget that what you eat is also super important: do your best to limit loads of sugar, eat your veg, get in some protein.


Best wishes!

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...but I'm adorable! Ask anyone who doesn't know me...

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