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Red1263 prepares for the New Year

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Hey hey everyone! For those who know me, I'm sorry for being MIA, School and work has been taking up nearly ALL of my spare time, the only exercise I got was (literally) running around.


For those who don't know me, Hey hey! I'm going to try to participate for this mini-challenge! So here we go!


Background: I am at the end of my Master's Program for Orthotics and Prosthetics! So the program ends Dec 13th, when I turn in all of my stuff, homework, projects, etc. Which means that I will tell my bosses to put me back to full time work and the remaining time I will now have will be for packing for my move to externship, budgeting, and exercising! So this is my challenge!


  • Externship: It's 12 weeks (Jan 6th to Mar 27th, and I'll be moving from California to Las Vegas, so my challenge here is:
    • Pack all my relevant clothes (I have to abide by a dress code), devices to do homework on, books and anything else I might need while I'm out there
    • make a trip to see the room I'm going to rent
    • Buy a desk for my new room
    • Budget my time (I can't afford to slack off due to assignments that I have to stay on top of)
      • so this is more like build a routine
  • Budgeting: I have to make sure I can afford this move
    • Budget buying christmas presents for the family
    • keep on top of my bills
    • Find a part time job, while I'm out there
    • Ensure I know the exact terms and conditions of the place I will be spending these 12 weeks in.
  • Exercise: Pick up where I left off
    • I will start with the 3 big movements
      • push-ups, Squats, and Planks (eventually add Pull-ups
    • Shadowbox
      • build up my endurance and try to improve my technique (not very tangible, but more like perfecting my stances, punches, etc)
    • Try to run
      • if I can manage the time

(Let's do this!)



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1 hour ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Welcome back! Try not to get into too much trouble in Vegas.


I... Make no promises


1 hour ago, Starpuck said:

Yay!  Red!   So exciting!

Here to encourage!


Yay! Puck! I'm glad you're here!

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So this week it's Finals week, and as such exercising and clean eating have been replaced with stress and projects. I have a plethora of things I need to accomplish before the week is out and I'll try to fit in fitness things whenever I can. So this will right now be my to do list


- FRO manual 👍done 

- EWHO manual

- FRO Case billing and doc 

- EWHO Case billing and doc

- Final Law presentation

- Law Final exam

- orthotics midterm make up

- Burmese dishes x2

- secret Santa (school)


Ok and so far I've done 30 bodyweight squats, 20 knee to chest, and 3 sets of the grip strengtheners (these were done on my route to work) 


Whew! I never said life was easy! 

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Woo, welcome back, glad to see you, and hell yeah on finishing off the degree. You've got this!

How many hours/week is the externship? Hope you won't be basically working two jobs again during it? 


Hang in there, there's definitely a period of adjustment when you come off of school and work where you realize you are allowed to relax again every so often. You're almost there. 

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11 hours ago, Red1263 said:

... That's it. 

That. Was. It...

I'm done...

I'm officially done with school. 








I'll wait a few days before asking what's next... let that sense of freedom and accomplishment sink in. :) Grats dude, you hella earned it. 

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On 12/30/2019 at 6:00 AM, Manarelle said:

Poke poke. I know you're probably busy celebrating (or sleeping it off) still. How'd the end of the month go? 


So. I was indeed celebrating. I took some time to give my Xbox some nerd attention. I went to Pasadena for New Years to see my niece participate in the Rose Parade (Rancho Verde High school! Go, Mustangs!). And we went to Disneyland the day after and just before I could sit down to breathe, I got sick and I had to pack up a portion of my life for the move to Las Vegas where I will do my externship, starting... *Looks at watch* Tomorrow! I just assembled my desk and chair that will be my home for the next 12 weeks. 


So I'm all set, I'm off to meal-prep for tomorrow at least and I'm going to recuperate and plan for the new year!


... Thanks for checking up on me.

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